Need more prayers for my is missing

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    See article below. My brother Joel Thompson Jr is 48. He is missing. Please pray that we recover his body. My mother and my sister in law and nephew cannot move on without closure. WE all can't. My heart is hurting. It has been over a week.

    My brother was an avid fisherman, who held a captain's licence. He was very aware of the dangers and fished often alone at night.

    Please pray that he comes home so we can remember him properly.




    Lewes angler Joel Thompson
    goes missing at Indian River Inlet

    By Rob Kunzig
    Of the many anglers Bill Baker has seen at the Indian River Inlet, Joel Thompson is the last person he’d expected to disappear off the rocks. Thompson is a seasoned angler, Baker said, and took precautions against tumbling into the inlet’s treacherous waters. But he’s been missing since the night of Monday, April 26, when he left his Lewes home to fish the jetties.

    “He’s a very experienced jetty jockey,” said Baker, who owns Bill’s Sport Shop on Route 1. “He spent all of his free time fishing.” State police said Thompson left home at 11 p.m. Monday, April 26, telling his wife he was going fishing. Baker said she called state police the following morning, when he didn’t come home to take his children to school. Police found his Toyota Tacoma parked at the inlet, but Thompson is still missing.

    Boats from Lewes Volunteer Fire Department and the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) prowled the inlet waters the following day, searching for a sign of Thompson. State police divers plunged off the jetty on the inlet’s south side, searching for scraps of clothing or personal effects. Workers with the Bethany Beach Volunteer Fire Company established a perimeter, and U.S. Coast Guard boats searched the waters around the inlet.

    Bridgeville resident Fred Matthews watched the DNREC boat cut across the mouth of the inlet. “You’ve got to be careful,” he said. “Common sense, that’s it.” Matthews has been fishing the inlet for three years. Whenever he fishes the jetty, he wears a life jacket and straps spiked soles on his boots to give him better purchase on the rocks.

    By 4 p.m., Tuesday, April 27 DNREC Chief Wayne Kline said the divers had suspended their search, though officials with the Division of Fish and Wildlife continued to scan the surrounding shorelines. On Thursday, April 29, Kline said DNREC boats had discontinued their efforts, though vessels on regular patrol were keeping an eye out.

    DNREC enforcement Sgt. Gregory Rhodes said officials will probably soon use boats equipped with sonar to scan the inlet bottom. In the meantime, he said, state parks officials will continue searching the surrounding shorelines.

    Baker said Thompson, a licensed captain, was familiar with the sea and its hazards. Like Matthews, Thompson wore a life jacket and spiked soles, called korkers. Baker described the fisherman as down-to-earth, a skilled angler who didn’t brag. His Toyota Tacoma is spangled with stickers of striped bass, Baker said, and loaded with fishing tackle. He said one could pick Thompson out of a crowd of jetty jockeys by the Wawa mug he held in one hand and the cigar in the other.

    “He’s your typical, hardcore fisherman,” Baker said. On a corkboard in his shop, Baker tacked up a picture of Thompson holding a 35-pound striped bass in 2008. Written in marker above his portrait: R.I.P. Joel Thompson. At time of press, (5 p.m. Thursday, April 29,) Thompson was still missing.
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    I am so sorry. I certainly will be praying. Many hugs.
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    You and your family will be my prayers. {{{{Hugs}}}}
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    O I'm so sorry...
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    Prayers going up...please keep us posted.
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    I am so sorry. I will be praying for you all.
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    Beth - - my thoughts are going out to you and your family. I hope they uncover some leads in the case. How tragic.
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    What a painful time your family must be going through! I hope they find him soon.
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    I'm sorry.
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    Beth, I am so sorry for the pain your family is going through. I hope there is word soon.

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    Adding my prayers as well, Beth. My heart goes out to you and your family.

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    I'm so sorry... prayers being sent. :crying:
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    I'm so sorry, how very tragic for your family.
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    I'm so sorry, Beth. I hope you hear something soon.
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    I'm so sorry, Beth.

    Where we live, there are some very hazardous fishing places. One place now has a length of chain bolted into the rock so if a fisherman goes over the edge he has something to grab onto, before being swept away. It was put there after one local fisherman was swept away. He had been fishing with a buddy who reported back on the events. A chain ladder would have possibly saved the guy.
    I went to his memorial - held on the nearby beach. I was pregnant with difficult child 3 at the time. His family threw wreaths into the water on the beach. Then the surf patrol who had been so diligent searching for his body, swooped in, scooped up one large wreath, and took off around the point to drop the wreath where the guy had last been seen. It was a lovely gesture from them.

    I think there must be a special heaven for fisherman lost at sea...

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    Today they searched the inlet with Sonar. It was clear and they didn't see anything on the bottom. Which brings us closer to the idea that he may have been swept out to the Atlantic Ocean. Right before my brother disappeared a father and a son were in a boat somewhere in Delaware and their boat capsized. So far they have only found the father. The son is still missing. It is so tragic. That poor women lost both her husband and son!

    Thank you all for your prayers. I hope the strength of the board can help bring him home.
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    Oh Beth, I am so very sorry! I will keep your family in my prayers and I hope that you have some news soon. The waiting must be horrible. (((Hugs)))
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    I'm so very sorry Beth! Praying hard that your family gets closure and your brother comes home, as well as the son of the other woman.