Need some good thoughts from you all


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Although I've got some extra energy and a happy face these days (thanks Zoloft :smile:) here's what I need

difficult child 1 is unhappy that he doesn't get to see his son more. Well gee whiz, if ya work, go to school, and keep clean...maybe the mediatiation would have given you more than the one day a week and every other weekend. But gee, that's only a standard agreement and you didn't have any back child support to pay :hammer:

difficult child 2 is doing quite well. He's off on a vacation this week with 2 other couples and his girlfriend.

Please send me some extra good luck that everything goes ok for difficult child 2 and that difficult child 1 gets some "sense"


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Here's sending some good thoughts and prayers your way. Sounds like difficult child 2 may be finding his way. Hopefully difficult child 1 will do that eventually so that you can have some peace all around.


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You know that I'm on your team. I have no idea how to get difficult child 1
to "get it". This may be a bit off the wall but here is an idea
you might try. Ready??

How 'bout trying to direct him toward creating or building something for his son to enjoy during the limited time they are
together. theory...he could be focused on being a Dad
and demonstrating his love when his son was not present. What
project??? Don't ask me. I have no idea. I'm just a darn good
motivator for others to do things that I don't even understand.



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Aww, Sunny, I thought things were calming down for you.

Why can't our difficult children figure things out? What seems obvious to us just doesn't occur to them.

I'm sending good thoughts.



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Praying for difficult child 2 to get some sense!!!!!!! :hammer: :hypnosis:

Hang in there Sunny :flower:

Melissa :angel:


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I'm so sorry to hear difficult child isn't doing so well, Sunny. I like DDD's idea about building something or some type of project for his son. Not sure what that could be either, but it sounds like a good plan.

Hope difficult child 2 enjoys himself!

Sending hugs and many good thoughts your way,


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Thanks all.

Haven't heard from difficult child 2 yet. I don't think he knows he has to do something to his phone and he'll have service where he's at. I texted him, but I betcha it's going to be no news is good news.........which is fine, actually it's normal and wonderful.

We had to send a letter to exgf's lawyer as she was threatening not to allow difficult child 1 his 2nd week of summer overnight visitation with grandbaby. Her lawyer has responded and she backed down.

The mediation agreement is a guideline, but it is also a minimum benefit package, he cannot receive less than what was agreed upon. Xgf, of course, wants everything her way and is not very good at negotiating.

While I do stay out of it, WE provided guidance, and of course funding, and told him to contact the lawyer.

I'll be glad when difficult child 1's school starts the end of August. difficult child 2 will be seeking employment as he finished his training for heavy duty bus/diesel mechanic :smile: