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    with this stupid point counting. Actually, it's not the points so much as it is the LIMITED points! I am just having a really difficult time sticking to 20 point, 25 even, if I choose to divide up those 35 weekly points over the days. Ugh.

    All I do is think about food, what I can and can't eat; I think about the point value of EVERYTHING and then feel sorry for myself that I can't eat all I want or what I want.

    It may be that this is my pms-y time, I'm due Sunday I think, so it could just be that I am feeling piggish and still want more slop!

    Can I just maybe get a few lines of encouragement? I will be traveling this weekend so I will miss my weigh-in on Saturday. I am continuing to try and stay on track, but man, it's really been difficult. :anxious:
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    I'm wondering if you could break down your points into a certain number for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack. Let the total equal what you are suppose to have per day...but get an idea of what you might like to eat per meal.

    Then create a list of three different choices that you like for each meal.

    Type up the list.

    For example:

    1.1 cup Kellogs Cereal, with 1/2 cup strawberries, 3/4 cup FF milk
    2. Add something here with a similar number of points
    3. Add something here with a similar number of points
    1. Large salad, 2 tablespoons low fat dressing, mixed veggies on top, small soup
    2. another choice
    3. another choice
    1. 3-4 ounces of lean chicken, 1/2 small baked potato, small salad
    2. another choice
    3. another choice
    4. WW TV Dinner
    1. 100 Calorie popcorn snack
    2. another choice
    3. another choice

    This is more or less what someone suggested to me...and lo and behold, I have lost 2 pounds and it has been six days. I even cut back my exercise slightly.

    To be SPECIFIC about it...

    This is what my friend suggested that worked great for her and seems to be working for me:

    Breakfast: One small bowl of cereal (preferably one that is high fiber and low sugar)
    and a small amount of fruit
    Lunch: Large soup (Not a creamy soup) or
    Small soup and small salad
    Dinner: 1 WW TV Dinner or
    One small dinner....the same size as a WW TV Dinner (keep an old tray and fill it up...using lean meat and veggies)
    100 calorie popcorn or
    100 calorie yogurt

    My friend suggested that I go to the gym 3 or 4 days a week for 30 to 45 minutes of intense exericse. Then spend 2 or 3 days doing something light and fun like taking the dog for a walk or a walk after dinner with husband.
    I should exercise 6 days a week... a combination of some days intense exercise and some days "light."

    Try to not to worry too much about the points if they are stressing you out. It might be important to count carefully for a week or two to get a good idea of food intake...then create a list to follow that will put you in the point range. When doing this though, it might be a good idea to limit sugars and bread....this will help correct any slight errors with over-eating. CAN do this and it will be WELL WORTH IT in the END!!!!!

    Consider buying Shape magazine or something like that....and have FUN! Don't stress this out....
    the weight will come off...
    Of course this Saturday, you need to miss your mtg. But come back the following Sat. The accountability is magical.
    Get some low point foods you really like and move your body (don't over do it...but move it regularly).
    Good luck....think positive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  3. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    You have my sympathies. It is incredibly hard to 1)first make healthy choices then 2) to limit the amount of healthy choices.

    My biggest help has always been knowing what I am going to eat the next day. Have it all figured out so that I don't eat something on impulse. I go to my better thought out choices when impulse is looming. Fill your freezer with sugar free popscicles. I find they help my sweet tooth, take a while to eat and satisfy my cravings. SF Jello is also my friend. If there is something you particularly like- WW desserts or some other favorite, I would eat it everyday as a gift to myself. I don't feel as deprived.

    Psychologically, is a different story. You have to really think logically and try to talk to yourself in a positive but truthful way. Weight is a big problem for many of us. Take the embarassment and shame out of your mind. I tell myself I'm good at problem solving and I can do this even if it is one day at a time. What you are doing isn't working so move forward and try something else. Trust your WW plan. It works for almost everyone. Let's face it, all eating plans work if you stick with it. Give yourself the gift of feeling well. You deserve to look in a mirror and see a smiling, healthier you. I also don't think about how much weight I have to lose as much as concentrate on the next 5lbs. Baby steps forward.

    Even if you have had a day full of struggles then start clean and fresh tomorrow. Get through the first day and then it's one day at a time.

    Good luck and hugs.
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    You are definately on the low end of points. I think the key here is finding foods you like that are low in point value and high in nutritional value and fiber (for the long fill factor). Nomad's idea of making a list is similiar to Fran's plan of having healthy alternatives on hand.

    I too plan out my meals. I have a list of of low point breakfasts and low point lunches. I keep those two meals (combined) at half my points for the day. That way I can grab a small apple, a banana, a one point WW snack bar (the mint chocolate one is my fav) and a cup of tea in the afternoon and still have a good chunk of points for dinner.

    Few ideas for you -
    a good whole grain oatmeal, 3 pts - and two clementines 1 pt = 4pt breakfast
    1 cup of fat free yogart (plain) 2 pts mixed with 1 cup berries (some berries are 1 1/2 cup servings like rasberries and I think strawberries) 1 pt = 3 pt breakfast
    1/2 WW bagel 1pt toasted with 1 T of reduced fat peanut butter 2 pts and one small banana 1 pt = 4 pt breakfast (on of my favs!)
    1 slice of a good whole grain, high fiber toast (trader joes has a great fiber bread for 1 pt and it's hearty and delish) 1pt, 1 T (if you want that much) reduced marg, 1pt with a small apple, a small banana, or 2 clemintines, 1 pt = 3 pt breakfast

    1/2 can tuna in water 2 pt (actually the whole can is 3 so...), T of dijon mustard 0 pt, 1 T kraft olive oil reduced fat mayo, 1pt, 1 T sugar free relish 0, 1 T chopped peppercines, 2 slices of whole wheat bread 2 pt, 15 fat free pringles 1 pt, with homemade salsa (or organic with no fillers) = 6 pts lunch.
    3 slices of deli turkey 1 pt, 2 slices whole grain bread, 2 pt, 1 T of the mayo (above) 1 pt, lots of greens to make a fat sandwich, 2 dill spears 1 pt, 3 pretzel rods 2 pt = 7 pts lunch
    Bowl of Progressa 1 pt soup and 10 saltines 2pt, 1 cup ff yogart 2pts, or a pear or mango = 5 pt lunch

    Those are just a few suggestions and they are the kind of meals I have for breakfast and lunch so I can have a nice dinner with at least 2 servings of veggies, 1 veggie and a big salad, and then a lean protein. I do chew sugar free gum after dinner and a great dessert is a tootsie roll pop, 1 pt, because it lasts a long time!

    I made a huge pot of veggetable soup on Friday. The only "fat" in the soup was the light marg I used to saute the onions and garlic in. I sauted that, then added salt, pepper, cumin, hot sauce, and tomato paste. Cooked that a little then added a can of green beans, a can of baby limas, 2 cans of fire roasted tomatos, 1 can of corn, 1 can of sliced carrots and one can of diced potatos (all veggies but the tomatos are drained), and water. I figured each nice big hearty bowl was about 3 pts (if that) and along with 10 saltines (2 pts) I got 7 good meals out of it!

    If you use the spiral tracker (as opposed to the one they give out at the weekly meetings) use the graph on the bottom to chart your hunger times. You may find what you need to do is eat 1/2 what you are eating for breakfast and eat the other half at 10 if you find yourself hungry in the mid morning or starving by lunch. The same applies to lunch and a mid afternoon snack. In reality, it is much better for our bodies to eat those five smaller meals because it keeps our blood sugars more even and our metabalisms running.

    And Jo, don't beat yourself up. If you really find yourself obsessing about what you can't eat, then have a splurge meal once a week. I know that Nomad and Wiped might kill me for this, but if you weigh in on Saturday mornings, make your Saturday lunch or dinner a splurge meal and eat what you what. Don't count the points. Just make sure it's only one meal, one sitting.

    I know that's not the WW way, but it may be a good compromise for you. One meal is not going to wipe out everything positive you did for a week (well, unless you eat like 4 triple burgers, 2 shakes, 3 fries, and a whole gallon of ice cream for dessert!).

    I didn't mean to write this much, but it just kept flowing. Sorry it's so long!

  5. hearts and roses

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    Thank you everyone. I do start out great every day! High fiber foods and fruit. I eat my 5 a day of f/v and I eat two whole grain high fiber foods too. Sharon, I will definitely start tracking my hungry times because I think I know when it is: late morning, just before lunch and late afternoon just before dinner. And instead of having some healthy low point snack to carry me through in late afternoon. In the morning, if I get hungry I will eat another fruit. For lunches I often have a large salad with either some chickpeas or chicken. The snacks I eat to satisfy my sweet tooth are the 1pnt WW bars. Yum.

    I think it's the late afternoon thing - I have to prepare better. And it's also drinking wine with dinner. It adds unnecessary points.

    Our leader also suggested making Saturday my free for all day. She said she doesn't count points on Saturday either and she eats mostly what she wants, within reason.

    Thanks again, I will create a better plan and prepare for those munching times. One day at a time.
  6. Wiped Out

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    I also tend to use Saturdays as my free for all (lately I've still been tracking Saturdays but still eating more on those days).

    Twenty points is very low, you're positive on the 20? If you don't eat enough your body will fight to hold on to what it has. Technically I am suppose to be at 20 pts but I kept mine at 22 (just couldn't figure out a way to get any lower). Due to working out I tend to eat more like 27 points a day (most days).

    I tend to eat like LDM, few points for breakfast and lunch and then more in the evening.

    My breakfasts and lunches are very routine.

    Cereal 5 days a week (I love Raisin Bran Crunch) and 2 scrambled eggs two days a week. Both are 4 point breakfasts.

    For lunch I have a spinach salad with red peppers, radishes, and a slice of ham from the deli (I count this as 1 point). Along with the salad I have a 0 point yogurt from Fiber 1 and a chocolate Fiber 1 bar for two points. Total points for lunch 3 points!

    Sometimes for a snack in the morning (I get really hungry when I'm teaching) I eat a Fiber Plus bar!

    I try to plan a dinner that is about 5-8 points (sometimes I go over). That also leaves me with some points for a snack at night.

    I agree that you need to be gentle with yourselves. One thing I love about ww is that if you get off track you can get back on at any time!

  7. Nomad

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    I basically am not working for WW anymore...just subbing when I am able. My school and internship are keeping me too busy. I do feel they are an excellent program!!!

    They teach you excellent life long skills and the accountability is unbeatable!

    Wiped out....
    Your breakfast routine is almost exactly like mine! My friend wanted me to just do the cereal daily, but I really crave my eggs a couple of days a week and I know there is no harm there, so I put them back. This is what I do:

    Four or Five days a week, I have Kashi or Kellogs Cereal with added fresh Blueberries.
    Two or three days a week, I have one egg and one egg white scrambled together. Added to this & cooked with- it I have a little fresh spinach and a little fresh tomato. Dr. Oz says cooked tomato is very good for us. Also, spinach is one of the top "health" foods.

    In fact, so are blueberries (I add them to my cereal). Did you guys know that there was a study that showed the blueberries seem to help with MEMORY???? Buy them and eat them!

    I LOVE these things for breakfast and they give me lots of energy!

    Someone else mentioned this... but those small Fiber One yogurts are absolutely WONDERFUL! The Key Lime ones are delightful...0 points, I believe and delicious!!!!!

    If I can find it....I have this GREAT book called "Superfoods." It makes an argument for certain foods that are said to be ultra healthy.
    I think some of them included: Spinach, Oranges, Blueberries, Salmon, Walnuts and Yogurt.
    Anyway...if I find the book (I have too many shelves runneth over....I will type up the list and post it).

    I have found the world's best MILK
    Run, and buy is wonderful...
    I also get Lactose Free, but I don't think that is necessary.
    Honestly, it tastes very creamy for a FF milk...really yummy!!!!

    Also, I get 20 points as well. Sadly, I found that I had to keep it at 20 points a day most days to lose 2 pounds a week.

    Hang in there JoG!!!
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  8. hearts and roses

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    Okay, I've heard it before - I have to get myself some of those Fiber One bars!

    My cereal of choice is the Kashi - I love the high protein and fiber in it and I also add lots of blueberries into my diet.

    I have that book Superfoods you mention Nomad, excellent resource.

    Thanks again - I really need this kind of support.

    At 20 points, I obviously am not that overweight, but I want to be slimmer and more comfortable in my clothes, so I will continue forth!
  9. LittleDudesMom

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    What about adding some strenuous exercise to your routine? That way you can add some points daily or punt counting points and step up the wieghts and cardio.

  10. ML

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    You CAN do this. I'm at about 21 or 22 points but it's because I'm so dang short and old. I lost a point when I hit 48 last week lol!

    Jo you CAN DO THIS. I know you can. You are one strong amazing gorgeous woman!
  11. hearts and roses

    hearts and roses Mind Reader

    Aw....thanks ML! You are one strong gorgeous woman too!

    I am off to WV to go white water rafting again, except this time on the Gauley River and then we're doing the zipline again. Cannot wait!
  12. SearchingForRainbows

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    I'm getting here really late and have never been on Weight Watcher's although I believe it is a really good program. I hope it is getting a bit easier for you to stick to your healthy eating plan.

    I also like Kashi cereals. I especially like the Heart to Heart Warm Cinnamon cereal. Also, I love Kashi mocha almond chewy granola bars. Like you, I eat blueberries daily with breakfast - I buy them frozen in big bags at BJ's and defrost just enough for breakfast. I usually mix them in plain yogurt.

    Keep us posted on your progress. Thinking of you... SFR