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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by mstang67chic, Mar 27, 2007.

  1. mstang67chic

    mstang67chic Going Green

    I got an email from one of my cousins this morning. They were only weeks away from picking up their new 22 month old daughter from China. Yesterday they got word that the little girl passed away over the weekend. :crying: Apparently she started having seizure like symptoms during her evening feeding, was taken to the hospital, developed breathing problems and passed away a short time later. I haven't spoken to my cousin yet but I can tell by her email they are completely devastated. Please send some good thoughts and prayers their way.
  2. dreamer

    dreamer New Member

    oh my goodness, how sad. Hugs going to your cousin and family.
  3. hearts and roses

    hearts and roses Mind Reader

    Oh my goodness - how devastating. Sending warm hugs and support to your family.
  4. bby31288

    bby31288 Active Member

    That is just awful. Sending hugs and support to your family...
  5. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    What a heart break! I'm sorry for the loss of a child.
  6. Loris

    Loris New Member

    Hugs and prayers being sent. How horrible for your family, such a sad loss. I'm so sorry.
  7. SearchingForRainbows

    SearchingForRainbows Active Member

    This is just so sad!!! :sad: My eyes are watery as I'm writing this. I can't even begin to imagine how they must feel - What a rollercoaster of emotions... The excitement and anticipation of going to China to bring home their baby one minute, and the next she is gone... I'm keeping your cousin in my thoughts and prayers... :angel:... at this most difficult time. WFEN
  8. rejectedmom

    rejectedmom New Member

    How very sad. Your cousin is in my thoughs and prayers. -RM
  9. busywend

    busywend Well-Known Member

    Keeping you and your family in my thoughts.
  10. donna723

    donna723 Well-Known Member

    I am so very sorry. What an awful thing to have happen! I'm sure they must be completely devastated!

    Sending lots of prayers and good thoughts.
  11. mstang67chic

    mstang67chic Going Green

    Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. I tried calling her today but got voice mail. I haven't tried again as I don't know what kind of shape she's in right now and I don't want to upset her. I emailed her a bit ago and told her about your thoughts and prayers. I know she will appreciate it. Thank you all again.
  12. tiredmommy

    tiredmommy Well-Known Member

    Many prayers going out to your cousin & for her little girl. How devastating! :crying:
  13. TexasTornado

    TexasTornado New Member

    Oh what terribly sad news!!!!
    They are in my thoughts and prayers.
  14. Wiped Out

    Wiped Out Well-Known Member Staff Member

    I'm very sorry-how tragic. Will keep them in my prayers.
  15. WhymeMom?

    WhymeMom? No real answers to life..

    <span style='font-family: Comic Sans MS'>So sorry for the loss of a child and the loss your family feels...hope they can work thru this tragedy to try again.....</span>
  16. Suz

    Suz (the future) MRS. GERE

    What a terrible thing to happen. I'm so sorry. :sad: Just awful!