Need to stay awake


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Does anyone here know of anything that will help keep me awake. Right now I only have time to sleep max. 4 hours a night and I am struggling to stay awake. Coffie does not work for me at all..


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Only 4 hours a night? That's terrible. How come? I hope you don't have to keep that up for too long- it's going to take a toll on you very quickly!

I know here in the US they sell products like No-Doze in drugstores and some gas stations that may help.


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easy child child and difficult child are both running me crazy. I can't get work done when difficult child is up and running. easy child is crazy busy all week so that doesn't leave time to get any work done in the house. I get little to no help at all. So right now the only way to get the work done is to do it at night when everyone is sleeping..

Sara PA

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Maybe the answer is to let some of the work go for a while. Your health and well being is as important as anything else.

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I agree with Sara-let some of the work go-your health is very important. With only 4 hours of sleep I know I wouldn't be any good to anyone. Hugs.

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Believe me, 4 hrs a night is going to overwhelm you fast. been there done that I would try to prioritize what HAS to be done with what needs to be done with the most important at the top of the list. If while things are chaotic you only manage to get the most important things done, well the other stuff ain't going anywhere. It's going to be there when you have more time.

If you don't take care of yourself, no one will. And if Mom ain't happy, no one's happy.



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Please don't try for only 4 hours a night, sleep deprivation is unsafe & unhealthy. Could someone else chauffeur easy child to her activities? Lower your lifestyle standards. Times like this warrant paper plates and simple meals. Let laundry pile up into large loads. Pay your easy child to pull more weight like vacuuming, etc. Install an alarm on difficult child's bedroom door & window if you are concerned about him roaming while you are asleep. Pay a high school senior a few bucks to watch him while you pay bills, etc.