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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by everywoman, Dec 17, 2007.

  1. everywoman

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    PCdaughter was over here tonight. I saw her on the computer and then she called a number and walked outside. She made an appointment to take the ASVAB. The National Guard recruiter will pick her up at her office tomorrow. This is her choice---but she is my baby. I am concerned that her knees may disqualify her....I'm concerned that they won't. I always wished I had served, and will proud of her if she does enlist---but...she's my baby!
  2. mrscatinthehat

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    Wow, I guess her knees will do what is meant to happen. In the meantime sending you strength to help her with wichever happens.


  3. everywoman

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    Thanks Beth. She is such a strong little independent person. I know she would be fine. I'm not so sure about mom and dad.
  4. Hound dog

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    I'd say if her knees aren't enough to disqualify her, then it's probably a meant to be situation. This is something she wants to do, is brave enough to take the plunge. I'll say a hearty prayer for her whichever way it turns out.

    And send ((hugs)) for you and Dad cuz I know it's not easy for you guys.
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    Hugs kat...Im here to reach out to whichever way it goes. Im a been there done that mom so I understand the trepidation. Tell her Im proud of her.
  6. Star*

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    I'm sending you hugs because I too have thought - what if my son. And then I remember - eventually they all will be their own little independent people. I'm very thankful to those who do serve and never miss an opportunity anywhere to say thank you very much for what they do.

    Wrapping your Mommie heart in a big fluffy blanket
  7. hearts and roses

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    Sending {{{Hugs}}} -
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    even "if" the knees keep her out, taking the ASVAB is a great tool for learning one's strengths in career paths.

    If her scores are on the high side, get ready to get a LOT of phone calls and mailings. We had everyone contacting NF because of his scores. Of course, this also was to his advantage, because he played the branches off of each other until he got the best "deal".

    As another BT - still doing that - feel free to contact me if you feel a need.
  9. everywoman

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    Thanks all. PCdaughter graduated HS at 16. She has been taking accounting classes at the local college working towards her associates. I don't know why she's decided now to go in the guard---I think she is a little bored with life in our small town. She has dated a few guys since her final split with exbf, but she sees them a few weeks and then basically ignores them. She doesn't have many friends in town anymore---they are all off at 4 year schools----she's just not strong enough academically to handle university work---she's smart----can do a trig problem easily---but struggles with reading comprehension and vocabulary.
    She was a dancer for 14 years---that was her plan---to dance professionally---but genetic degeneration/microfracture resurfacing took her out of dance for a year and she found it impossible to go back. She has floundered since then---she lost her identity. I hope that this is a decision that will lead her where she wants to be.