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    so far this has been a very rough week. Meltdowns and aggressive behavior everyday. A stuggle just to wake up the next morning and do it all over again. And now tomorrow is finally the day for my 2yr old to go to the childrens hospital for a repeat ultrasound on her bladder; they did the first one at my local hospital about 2 wks ago and said they thought they saw a tumor. So they sent her to a urologist and of course they want to do thier own test. He said it is possible they could have made a mistake, so that is what we are hoping for. But i am very nervous.
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    Oh, I am so sorry! Keeping you and yours in my thoughts. Sending many (((HUGS))) and lots of support your way...........

    Let us know how it goes. God bless. :)
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    Best of luck, hopefully they will find it was a blip and nothing more!
    I will keep you and your family in my prayers.
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    I will keep you in my thoughts today...

    Hope everything is OK!

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    Oh sanity is not something people are used to here. I hate it when my shower water start getting cold, because I know I will soon have to step out and face my world. You are brave for getting up. You will be in our thoghts for the ultrasound. Hope it goes well, and in my experience most of the time it does. There are lots and lots of things that can look like a tumor in an ultrasound. Most are not.