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    hey ladies, I'm new, need lots of ideas, as you can see from my signature, I have my hands full and I need support and help!! My poor marriage is fragile due to our special need kids, our oldest sons behavior is out of control and we are just now trying medications to help him. I'll post more when I can.
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    Welcome to our forum!
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    First of all welcome and hugs big huge hugs!! You need to take some time for mommy and daddy to become husband and wife again. Yes taking care of special needs children is exhausting on a good day on a real good day. However, you need some time to regroup as lovers and friends. The very best thing you can do for any kid is to have a strong mom and dad. You are going to need each other no matter what. Both of you have the best intrest of your kids at heart. Get help, find resprid care or hire a babysitter a night a week. Go away for the weekend even if you have to take the baby with you.Find some true time to get away and remember why you fell in love in the first place. Do little things each day for each other. Simple things like make his lunch or just give him a cup of coffee. Take time to invest in your marriage now and make it strong, you need each other to get through this life with special needs kiddos. Blessings and hugs once again.:D
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    Welcome! You have come to a great place to get information, ideas and most of all support. We truly are a soft place for parents. A place where the other parents "get it" when no one in your off-line life even has a clue. We know how hard it is. We have all been there done that. Honest to Pete, We have!! It makes it a great place where you don't have to keep your guard up all the time.

    Karif gave good advice about your marriage. Each one of our kids is better off if Mom and Dad have a strong marriage. That bond is the backbone and support of the family. Without a good marriage, the family is far too easily preyed upon by manipulative children who enjoy discord adn conflama (conflict and drama = conflama). You may even need a good therapist to help you. Some people find this help from the pastor or priest at their church, some go see a therapist. It helps you learn to navigate the troubled waters of family life and marriage with special needs kids in the mix.
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    Welcome!! I am overwhelmed and exausted most days with just one difficult child so BIG HUGS to you.

    I agree that keeping your marriage and yourself healthy is #1 to being a good mom. Me and husband try to get out once a month by ourselves just to be able to breathe and stay connected. My husband is my biggest supporter and without him I think I would have already been commited:D

    It can take months to find the right medications or combo of medications so just hang in there. It can be very tough during the process but if you keep a positive outlook then you will get through it!! My difficult child is just now stabalized after going through about 3-4 medications since Jan. I had always heard it took 6 months or more but didn't believe it until I started the process. Now he is getting much much more manageable... thank goodness.

    You will find great advice on this site and the other members are very informative and supportive!