New Harry Potter movie!!!


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Who all is looking forward to the new Harry Potter movie? We have tickets for the opening day!!!! And it is opening on the 11th, not the 13th!!!


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I am looking forward to it although I still prefer the books. I am anxiously awaiting for the final book. It has been frustrating when getting on the computer as so many news site keep having things about it and near-spoiling the ending! SHEESH! Still haven't decided whether we will take the kids or just husband and I :smile:

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I'm very much looking forward to seeing it but will probably have to wait for Saturday but I'm considering the first midnight showing. Even more than the movie though, I'm looking forward to the book coming out on the 21st!


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We are sooo excited! We'll be in the van on the way to Florida when it comes out, so we'll miss it for a few days, but we plan to see it as soon as we return to Texas!


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I understand when people get upset by parts being left out. AT the same time though, if the movies followed the books even close to exact, they would be miniseries! LOL That particular book is HUGE!!

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I've enjoyed every movie, and have as yet to read a single book.

I've had bad experiences with reading books before their movies come out. Once all the movies are done I plan on enjoying the whole series of books.

I keep hoping easy child will treat dear ol' Mom to the new Harry Potter movie. :rofl:


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saw it, didn't like it. It does get you ready for the final episode though. It was more of a story line unlike the past movies. Transformers still kicks behind. We saw it twice in one day. Upset that BumbleBee is a camaro instead of the original Beetle, but who wants to see a souped up beetle? oh and Optimus Prime has LIPS! oh my how funny. sorry, Im a transformer freak, tee hee


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My daughter and I enjoyed it. She is not a reader and has never read any of the books. I am an avid reader and loved them all. You do have to step out of book mode for the movie, especially this one. But it is enjoyable and good way to spend an afternoon.

The only thing we really didn't like was the ending. It was as if the scene was cut short. Both of us sat there waiting for something more.


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Wow! What a couple of days!

I got tickets early, and threw in 2 for husband and I to go to the midnight show. He has not seen any movie before the kids in this whole series. And well, they are kids. They let stuff slip!

On the way to the midnight movie I got sick to my tummy. Went home, sent husband and Jess to go see it. They loved it and didn't tell me anything to spoil it.

I went to the movie with my mom, B, Jess, and 3 of her closest friends! I had another ticket for my dad, but he decided not to go at the last minute (NOT a surprise). Our theater sold out of the matinee about 20 minutes before the show. I had the extra, and sold it to a college kid who had just been turned away from the line. Didn't even charge extra, LOL!!

We enjoyed the movie. I thought it was quite true to the overall storyline. JK Rowling does keep story approval or whatever, so I think we got a pretty good deal.

This seemed like more of an "action" flick than the others. Glad we left thank you at home with husband.

By busy, I mean I did my first Mystery Shop on Tues, had to have it in before the movie started on Wed and our internet went down. So I did that while Jess waited for seats (sent the report, I mean). Then I took 4 giggling girls to a motel to spend the night. Swimming, giggling, and preteen wierdness ruled until today!

Oh- and trying to fit in dentist appts and B's written driving test also!!

I hope that you had as much fun as I did!



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I took my oldest last night. We're both serious HP fans. I love the books but wasn't highly impressed with the first 3 movies; thought 4 and 5 were done well though. They did leave major parts out but I am certain that was done to lure in the non-book fans. Harry was an angry teen in the book and time in the book dragged on like time does when a person is going through tough times in life.

The changing of directors through the series is bugging me. The movies all have a different feel and look to them, not just because the kids are growing up. The sets for this movie all came off as very dark looking (colors, lighting, clothing, etc) with Umbridge and Luna providing the only real contrast in that regard. by the way, both of the new actresses were phenomenal in their roles: Umbridge alone is worth the price of admission.

Leave the young ones at home! This is a dark movie with some scary scenes bearing little resemblance to the first movie that was full of magical fun. One woman brought two kids around aged 3 along and one of them called out, cried, talked, and ran down the aisles...all at the wrong times, of course. You can just imagine the collective evil eye that went in her direction when the lights went on...


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I have not read the books, but husband has read them all. He gets obsessed with them, as a matter of fact. I have seen and enjoyed each movie, and what I don't understand I ask about when I get home. I find that there are many things to miss, because they depend upon a story line from the book. I was surprised at how short this film was. It is a bit of a dark story, and I wouldn't bring the young ones to it. I had to look away a couple of times...

I have to say, Miss Umbridge, from her first sweet soppy day of class was eerily like one or two nuns I had in school. I must admit, in 4th and 5th grade we weren't nearly savvy enough to understand the complexities of that type of personality.

Maybe one day I will read them. You never know.


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Took difficult child to see this on opening night. Had to go at noon to get tickets for the last show of the evening at 10p.m. (our theater had 9 start times for this movie on Wed.). They had 18 tickets left LOL.
We enjoyed the movie. They did leave alot out from the book but still enjoyed it.
difficult child has just finished this morning reading the final book. Lips are sealed how we got hold of it but we did , online format (pdf file). I will NOT spoil it for any of you Harry Potter lovers. But the last book is GREAT!!!



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We saw this when we were in Florida. I thought it was a little slow, but I think it is intended to draw people in who don't read the books.

I am not a reader, but after the first two movies, started reading the books. I love the way she writes. My husband would read them to me at night when I was pregnant with our daughter. I have trouble sleeping and this would help me fall asleep, listening to his voice.

I can't wait for the 7th book to come out in just a few weeks.

Melissa! I'm jealous!


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<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: mattsmom27</div><div class="ubbcode-body">difficult child has just finished this morning reading the final book. Lips are sealed how we got hold of it but we did , online format (pdf file). I will NOT spoil it for any of you Harry Potter lovers. But the last book is GREAT!!!

Melissa </div></div>

You'll have to let us know next week if it was the real thing or not. There's a supposed fake pdf version that can be downloaded online.