New here. Exhausted from 15YO son defiance. Disrupts family.


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I think I am at the end of my rope. I didn't know a mom could run out of love? Since my son turned 15 in April this year, his defiance has moved into hyperdrive. He does not use drugs or alcohol. He asked to change schools BC he was failing at the public school last year. He was accepted to a college prep school and did well first 9 weeks, but now is letting his grades fall. When dad & I addressed it, he refused to study or do homework. We took away electronics In the past to no avail. He tries to survive the punishment instead of changing the behavior. This time we stripped his room except for his 5 pairs of clothes/shoes for school. The more we try to oversee his studies, the bigger the battle. He lashes out verbally attacking me as a mom and went so far tonight as saying he wished that I was dead. This is not ok with me and especially hard on younger siblings 13 boy, 9 girl. He laughed at us for spending our savings on the private school and we can't get our $$ back even partial. I'm sick and heart broken, cried all my tears...just empty now wishing he would leave home. Help!


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I'm sorry you are going through this.

Are you 100% positive there are no drugs involved? Most of us did not know at first.

If not, is he maybe mentally ill? Does that run in the family tree?

Was he always difficult? Can we have some background?


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I will address the school issue. There are natural consequences to not fail. Let him fail. Put him back in public not waste anymore money on the private school. Most parents will bend over backwards so that their children will do well in school including doing the work for them...don't.

You do not say if there are other factors such as a mental disorder or other underlying issues.


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Since my son turned 15 in April this year, his defiance has moved into hyperdrive
Fifteen. I'm guessing, grade 9?
But things didn't start now... the defiance has been there for some time.
Can you give us some more history? It helps other parents relate your situation to theirs.