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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by slpost1, Nov 12, 2009.

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    Hello everyone, I am new to this site but reaching out for general support. I am a single mother of two (one is a teenager). It has been a very difficult past 2 years with behaviors (very oppositional). I have interventions going but it is still exhausting in those moments. I find myself wondering if it would be different if my son was in a two parent home, praying for strength, wisdom and patience to endure what is to come as we work for positive changes. I know that these sites are beneficial and I welcome the thougths of those in similiar situations.
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    Hi sl and welcome!

    It is definately difficult to raise a difficult child, and raising one on your own is particularly hairy! One great thing about being here on this site is the knowledge that you are not alone! Look forward to hearing more about your difficult child.

    When you get a chance, click on the "User CP" in the upper left of the page and fill out a signature so we can learn a little more.

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    Welcome! I hear you on the teenager thing. Mine started early with the teenage like behavior. Or maybe it was GFGness that started early. Either way I knew it was extreme.

    Two parent homes have their advantages, but you can not feel guilty about not giving that to your child. Many kids get through it just fine.

    Is dad around at all??
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    Welcome SLpost1

    This is a truly lovely place to be if you have to be here at all.

    There is so much wisdom here and kindness that I am sure you
    will get some help and consolation on your road.:D
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    Welcome to the board!! You will find loads of caring people with lots of advice and lots of experiences to share with you. It always proves to be a life line for many of us.

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    Hi there and welcome!

    While we do want to help, you'd have to tell us a lot more about the kids in order for us to give some good suggestions. Any diagnoses? medications? Any psychiatric problems on either side of the family tree (the biological father counts because he gives 50% of the DNA so he's there, even if he's not there). Any social problems? Any possible recreational drug use?

    You may want to do a signature like I have below :)
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    Having a second parent in the picture doesn't guarantee a trouble-free childhood or adolescence for a difficult child (gift from God) OR a easy child (perfect child).

    What matters most is getting an accurate diagnosis, implementing the right supports, and giving them a consistent and loving environment.

    We look forward to knowing more about you!
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    Hi and welcome. Hear you on the single mom thing. It is difficult raising on your own, and agree with comment that having a dad is not always the answer, but it sure would take a load off you - so special hug from another single mom. You are in a great place, lots of caring people who really understand and have some excellent advice and help when you need to vent.