New Tattoo, now regret


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Okay guys, I went out with a friend today, and on the spur of the moment we decided to get a tattoo. I got a trininy knot on the inside of my wrist, kinda up a little. It is a little bigger then I would like, but overall I didn't think it was bad. Well, I get home show husband and he threw a fit, and called me white trash. Why would I get something like that where people could see it. I said I felt like it was my family. A never ending circle, together always. Sigh. Now I feel like an idiot, and I am really self concious (sp).... I feel like I can't do anything right. :rolleyes:


Well, husband may not like it, but he's not wearing it. How do you feel about it? Do you like it? I have to say, I like the idea that you got something that reminds you of your family. What's that saying about wearing your heart on your sleeve...and your family is your heart....


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I like it...but it is a bit bigger then I expected...LOL. I guess it always happens that way. He was like, why didn't you ask me first. I said I wanted to surprise him. He said I succeed. If anyone watches the show Charmed, They have the trinity knot on there. I am not sure if it is on the cats collar? I guess I have been overly sensitive lately.


I'm glad you like it. That's what matters.

Maybe I've been single for too long...but as an adult I would never ask permission for doing something like that. But, I have been single a long time (thank god) and don't have any desire to be in a relationship, so I'm probably not the one to comment on such things. LOL (Just a wee jaded :wink: )


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well if you like it that is all that matters and yes i love charmed and that symbol.i would love to get a tattoo but my mother says no and im 30 years old.


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I got a tattoo many years ago without my husband's permission. I LOVED it, and still do. It's my body...'nuff said. Mine is hidden, but that is really not the point. It's what you wanted. Enjoy.



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<span style="color: #660000">you are a grown woman, a don't need hubby's permissio. it's your body, not his. truthfully, i wouldn't cover it up. not at all. you like it. that's all that's important. that & you got it someplace that won't wrinkle or sag lol.

i had to look up what a trinity circle looks like. i think it's pretty.

wear it proudly. it has meaning to you.

kris </span>


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Got any Irish, Scottish, Welsh, Brittany, or Galician in your background? That's all Celtic, as is your tattoo - it could be you are showing off your heritage!!

As for the white trash comment - my dad had tattoos, got them in the Navy. What about all those football and basketball stars that have tattoos? They are African-American. I know many women who have tasteful tattoos.

It's YOUR body, you don't have to ask permission.


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Shhhhhhhh,don't tell anyone. I got a tat2 about 4 yrs ago. I was 47 I think. It's hidden. husband loves it. I figure the staff at the nursing home will get a chuckle out of it,someday. I don't give a care whether anyone likes it or not.
Once upon a time pierced ears were frowned upon. Now I like 2 piercing in one's ear.
Permission shouldn't be asked by two adults. Input, opinion and consult is how adults talk to each other.
Don't feel shame. If you feel foolish, make light of the impulsivity. It happens. Laugh about it. It's not like you hurt anyone. Hugs. Many of us do impulsive things we may regret but you live with it. I still love my tat.


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I love my tats, and I have 9 (Fran, every time you bring that up you make me smile).

Mine can be hidden too, but I have a couple on my legs, and I can't really wear dresses to the office (not that I care, I'm not a dress person).

If YOU like it, that's all that matters. I agree with the others, why would you have to ask husband? You're a grown up.


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I agree with the others. If you like it than be proud of it. If husband doesn't like it that is his problem. I've been thinking for a couple of year about getting a small Michigan tatoo on my ankle-problem is I hate pain and am a bit scared!

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I have to say that I understand what you are going through in regard to your husband, because I know my husband would react the same way. But I understand it is your body and you did not need your husband's permission. So why not enjoy it?! :smile:

As far as being bigger than you expected, Melissa went on her 18th birthday for a "small" fairy on the back of her shoulder and came home with a 4" x 6" fairy. I kid you not. I measured it.



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Well, I joined a long list of proud "white trash" women with tattoos shortly after my 55th birthday. I did not consult my then husband.

Your husband should have his mouth washed out with soap for calling you that. :grrr:



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My husband did not want me to get our girls ears peirced when they were babies. I respected that- we share the parenting and he was really against it. BUT I got my 2nd set of ear holes early in our marraige. I did not ask him if I could. I did not ask him if he liked it.
When our dtrs cut each others hair all off, he did relent and our girls did get peeirced ears.
I have watnted a tatoo for awhile. My husband has no tatoos and no desire to have any. I got scared cuz of my RA and Lupus, tho. He knows I want one so every holiday he tells me to talk to my doctor and get one if I want one. He does not have any cuz he just does not like them, but he knows I would enjoy one.
My mother hated peirced ears and she hated tatoos. &lt;shrug&gt; She did things I would not have done, too.....she would have loved me anyway.

If YOU like it- enjoy!

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Well, I agree with everyone else, not's your body and if that tattoo brings you joy, then enjoy it and wear it proudly - for YOURSELF!

For my 40th b'day I got myself a tattoo, on my upper right hip. I searched and searched for about 3 years to either create or find a design that means something to ME, something that I thought was pretty and spoke to my heart. I found it; it's a renaissance-style heart with all sorts of lovely colors - I had it done in 3 stages and it's fairly small, about the size of a regulation sized baseball. Recently, for my 44th birthday I went and got another one, this one I designed myself and it on my upper right shoulder; it's a crescent moon with some stars shooting through it - there are 5, one for each important person in my life. My H hasn't liked any of fact, he too has called me cracker trash (LOL), but I always just laugh at him. Before I got my first one, he said if I did it, he would grow a goatee (which I hate) and then he did. I laughed then too because I knew that the beard would bother him more than me - he shaved it after 3 weeks. I just think it's ridiculous for your H to make you feel badly about this. It's your body, not his and there has been no harm done to anyone as a result.

I love celtic knots and especially the trinity - I wear a triskalian on a chain around my neck. I never take it off. It helps me to feel connected to all forms of life, the life cycle, and for other reasons. Enjoy this gift of art you've given yourself.


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C.W. and I agree with everyone, it is your body and like it
was said at least it will not sag when you get older, LOL.
I have a girlfriend who has one onher shoulder a small red
rose and it is so nice. She is in her late 40's and just
had it put on a few years ago. Everyone to their own.

Joy xoxoxo


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I agree with Suz, he should have his mouth washed out for saying that to you. I got my tat2 for my 40th birthday. It is a small cat's face just above my ankle on my right outside leg. It is a duplicate of the face that is on a hand painted tile I have had in my kitchen for over 20 years. husband hates tatoos but I had it when we got together and he actually likes it. Our first Xmas together when we were dating, he gave me a dainty white gold anklet, saying that "the cat needed a collar". You go girl and do not be ashamed of showing it if you like it. I am considering getting a small angel to remind me that my son will be fine if I detach and husband, while not crazy about the idea, will not say anything if I follow through.


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It's too late now, a few days ago you wanted this. Embrace that feeling. You wanted it!! Hooray!!! Love it! husband has no say in it. When I was 15 I got a tattoo on my leg. There is nothing I can do about it. I also got one on my stomach(?) and when I had kids uh...the stretch marks ruined it, but there is nothing I can do. It is me. Love my tatoos!Don't let husband make you feel bad. Its part of who you are at this point. (To thyne own self be true).-Alyssa


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Your husband needs a swift boot right in the rear. Even if he thought it, he should have kept it to himself.

Personally, I'm no fan of tatoos. I would never get one, ever. However, I respect an adults right to get one and would never make an insulting comment to anyone about theirs.

So, you wanted it, you got it. Now, enjoy it!