New to board & need to vent,,, long story.. sorry

Kimberly Laine

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<span style='font-family: Comic Sans MS'> </span> <span style="color: #CC66CC"> </span> Hi all. I am new to this forum and really could use the support. My story is long in regards to my Step-difficult child. He has been diagnosed with ADHD and has been through enough in life already to last all of us a lifetime. My husband and I were granted custody of my difficult child this past January. There are numerous reasons why we were given custody and a lot of it explains why my difficult child has the issues he does have. My husband and I are working to undo 7 years of issues. With the help of counseling for my difficult child and the SE class that he is in, he is coming around but we still have issues when it comes to homework and such. I am glad to see that I am not the only parent that deals with these issues on a daily basis. I hope to be an active poster in this board. It'll be nice to get to know everyone. Thanks for listening!

Kimberly Laine.


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LOL, this is in NO way long compared to some of us Chatty Kathy's.

Welcome to the board! Feel free to chat us up more if you need. I post on here daily and I still have tons more to share. I'm just afraid of boring everyone to tears. LOL

My husband and I have custody of all of our kiddos. He had 3, I had 2 and we have 1 together. His 3 all have DXs disorders. Love 'em all, but they definitely drive me batty some days. We are moving for me to adopt them, hopefully very soon.

Again, welcome to the board! Vent anytime!


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Hey Kimberly, welcome to the club! :smile:

It would really help if you go into the "My Stuff" section and fill out the profile. This way people will recognize you from post to post.

That was long? Holy moly, I got through your note before I had to yell up the stairs! That's a record! :smile:

Does your difficult child take medications? Who diagnosed? What is his total diagnosis or is it just adhd?

Again! Welcome to the crowd!



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Welcome Kimberly, sounds like you and I have lots in common. We, too, took custody of my step-difficult child in January, and have the same complications you do as far as trying to undo several years worth of damage already done. Unfortunately, it took us longer to get ahold of ours and we are looking at undo-ing nearly 13 years of damage. Taking on a child like this unexpectedly is quite an ordeal and this place has been my saving grace!!! I know you will find support here and will bond with many of the other parents. As others have said, you should fill out your profile and include a signature as the rest of us have as it provides quick access to information about your difficult child and will help others recognize you.

I can't believe we made it to the third reply on a new member without mention of the book....but the wonders never cease. Most of the parents you will meet here will swear by a book that you should definitely read. It is such a big help in understanding your difficult child's problems and great with tips on how to handle. It is called "The Explosive Child" by Dr. Ross Greene.

Very nice to meet you and I hope that you will continue to post, us parents have to stick together and be here for one another to get through this and if you ever need us, there's always someone here!!