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I don't know how to make a new post, I just joined. I have called CPS, and the police, police did nothing, CPS ran drug tests, they altered the test, yes they smoke pot and I think they deal. I did document everything had it on a flash drive, she was on probation at this time, and I sent it all to her probation officer, and nothing came about it. I bent over and let them live with us and caught him smoking dope in the bedroom, daughter and i fought and she tried beating me up, called the cops, they let her out and state wouldn't pick up charges. I don't have no other children, she is my only. I don't hurt for her, I hurt for those kids and its unfortunate that CPS hasn't done anything with the 3 cases she had out on them. CPS hasn't learned how to catch these people on drugs, there are to many other substances they can take to camouflage the tests, unreal. Well Thank you anyway for being there and I will take much of your advice to occupy my mind and soul in other ways. Can't fight city hall any longer. God Bless.


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Familyoriented Nana, we are glad you are here with us on the Parent Emeritus forum. It sounds like you are going through a lot right now.

Can you please share some of your past story with us so we have some more perspective?

Please know you are at the right place for lots of support. We are glad you are here.

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You have done everything you know to do. You made the hard choices.

The record exists, now.

For right now, there is nothing more for you to do.

You are here with us, now. Others will be along who are living through situations like this, too. It is good to know we are not alone with it, anymore.

Welcome, nana.



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If you want to catch them, don't call CPS. Call the police. When my minor age daughter was using drugs, we called the cops on her. It wasn't easy to do, but she did quit using drugs.

I would say...never let her stay home again. I really also wonder why parents allow boyfriends and girlfriends of our difficult children to also live in our homes. They are not exactly stable people.

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What an ordeal you have been through. It would be helpful if you could offer more information on your family dynamics. How old is your daughter and how many children does she have.

I understand why you would be concerned about the children but you need to be concerned about yourself too. If it were me, I would not allow her boyfriend to stay at your home.

One of the hardest things we have do when we have out of control adult children is to set clear boundaries and stick to them.

You will find wonderful support here and lots of good advice. Take what works for you. Sometimes you may think someone is coming across rather harsh but before you dismiss what they have to say truly think about it as there are parents here that have seen it all, been through it all and have survived.
It is not easy dealing with our Difficult Child but with the support from those here you can learn how to cope, how to detach and move on.

((HUGS)) to you..................................


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Hi Nana

Please write some more so we understand better how it has been for you this long time.

I feel sad that she hurt you and that there seems as yet to be no consequences for her...only for you and the children.

My son is my only child, too. I raised him alone. I know this pain. And the anger that came from betrayal and disappointment.

Welcome. I am pretty new here, too. It is a wonderful thing, being with others. One comes to understand things. And comes the hope of living in a different way.