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& is this lady in for a reality check. :faint:

Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) therapist for kt called me earlier this week to reschedule kt's appointment this week. I updated her on kt's suicidal ideation & recent behaviors, etc. Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) therapist didn't care for my response to kt's announcement on committing suicide through anorexia. Or the fact that I let her choke herself with her own hands, figuring if she did it long enough she'd pass out (I'd have been more concerned if she had a belt or some other tool around her neck). This was all with mental health CM's blessing.

I was "interrogated" for lack of a better word, on why I didn't call 911 (not a serious attempt), what happened with crisis team (showed up after all was said & done), what did mental health CM do (he showed up as well & assessed the situation - no need to seek further help) & why was I so calm about a threat of suicide?

Well, if you have it thrown in your face as the solution to all your problems on a regular basis it becomes a weak & diluted comment to me. I take it all very seriously & watch kt closely yet kt has gotten very saavy & knows how to push buttons.

Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) therapist needs her eyes opened & quickly. I tell any new team member you'd better be ready to hit the ground running. Read all the hx & other reports on hand.

My difficult children are world class charmers; know how to work the "poor orphan" tale & are very stuck in very reactive, maladaptive coping skills.

Yup, Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) therapist will have to catch up quick around here. There's never enough time between crisis's & other antics to fill Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) therapist in on every little detail- I hope she catches on quickly.


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It sounds like after a few visits, new therapist will be asking you for how to deal with difficult child!


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Ugh. It must be soooooooo frustrating to have to deal with new team members all the time. I know just for ME between all of the psychiatric hospital intakes and day hospital intakes and new psychiatrist visits I am SO sick of retelling the same stories over and over again that it's all blurring together and I think I'm starting to lose important details (yes, I know...gotta type up that parent report thing!). But, by golly, you must be exhausted!

:::hugs::: Hope this new Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) therapist gets her act together FAST!


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It is amazing how anesthitized (sp?) we get to our difficult child antics. My son throws the suicide card down just about every time he gets upset - and my responses are now just like yours. I am sure to an outsider they would think we were uncaring and non-attentive - but when we know that they are doing this for a pure reaction the ONLY answer is to not respond in a dramatic manner.
Good luck helping the new kid on the block "Get It".....she will need to toss out her manuals and textbooks, and roll up her sleeves and get dirty!!!!


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Yes!! I know my son spent time nailing 25 nails into his door trim to fix one little place coming loose. Someone asked me why I'm just sitting there doing nothing. Well, he's not hurting himself, actually destroying anything, hurting anyone else or breaking a law. I'm happy right now!

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Sounds like this one is about to get one heck of advanced education in the field. I hope she gets with the program fast.

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I inundate these people with information - well, not really. Just the past year of any new evaluations, psychiatric & therapist reports. Though this last year's file is 3 inches thick, in my humble opinion, it's an easy read. :rofl:

Seriously, if Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) therapist comes in with new ideas that work fine. If she comes in to just rock the boat on what is working this assignment won't last long for her.

This is the lady who is working with wm's Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) therapist & she will supervise kt during the tweedle monthly visits. Maybe I'd feel better if she looked more like a drill sergeant versus this petite little thing. :smile:

Thanks ladies - it will be interesting to see how this plays out.


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Linda, can't the rest of the team get her up to speed? I would imagine the previous Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) telling this one what works and doesn't and help Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) to expent that kt will play the poor orphan card, claim suicide, etc. and how to handle it.