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I got a call from the hospital today, they are going to release him on Monday night, as long as all goes okay over the weekend. He has really improved his communication over the sex abuse while there, and he said that the new drug, Risperdal (spelling?) has already made a difference.

I am interested in hearing from others about this particular drug, side effects you noticed, and if it helped at all with your child. They definitely think he's more "mood disorder" (which they say is basically bi-polar in his case- but can't use that as a diagnosis because insurance wouldn't pay for Rx's or something) instead of ADHD, and depression.

I'm happy to have him home, but a little nervous at the same time. I feel bad feeling that way though. :blush:


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I haven't had to hospitalize my child but many here have. That being said, it is essential that adequate discharge planning be done prior to difficult child coming home. You need a safety plan for difficult child and the rest of the family plus the resources to kick the plan into motion. I hope some of these parents who have been there done that will step up and offer some concrete suggestions as well as give info on the medication.


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I agree with TM. I would make sure there is a discharge plan. What supports will be in place for the family? What supports will be in place for your son after discharge?

Risperdal is an antipsyc drug usually rx'd for schizophrenia and bipolar mania (and also some behaviors related to autism I believe).

I'm sure some parents will be along that have experience with the drug and with a child being released from the hospital.

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