New, with difficult 5 yr. old. ADHD


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Hello everyone. I'm a stressed mom of a five year old with ADHD, possible bipolar and ODD. He just started kindergarten last week and teacher is already sending notes home. He currently is not on any medication, he has been on and tried Ritalin, adderall, concerta, and geodon. So far nothing has calmed him down. Any advice? Would love to hear from everyone... Tammy


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Hi! You'll probably hear from a lot soon enough! Isn't it a joy to start the year with notes home from the teacher?

Hedre are a few questions that I'm sure will be asked:

Does he have an IEP? Who diagnosed him with the list you gave (psychiatrist, psychologist, therapist, gp, etc?)?

Has he had a neuropsychologist evaluation?

What are some of the symptoms that he's shown?

Don't worry! It's a really great and knowledgable group here. While nobody here can provide a diagnosis, we've been in your shoes (some of us are still there!).



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Welcome to the group! I'm sorry your year is starting off rough. I got my first email from youngest difficult children teacher tonight. Her wording was, "I've had to redirect him a few times." LOL...redirect. Boy are they coming up with some new ways to make things sound not so bad. Mines not on medications right now either, he seems happier, but definately more hyper and fidgety and certainly completely incapable of following instructions.

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Welcome! It's no fun when the year starts out that way. I'm glad you found us as you will find much support here!


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Welcome! You are in good company!
I wish we had paid more attention when the teachers sent home notes when our difficult child was 5. And boy, did they send home a lot of notes! They sent home notes and called mtngs again 2 yrs ago and basically said we had to hold him back, give him outside tutoring, and try medications. Teachers can't diagnosis but they did tell us he was a classic case.
My husband was in total denial and it wasn't until last yr that we even tried medications. Luckily, the first thing we tried, Adderal, worked. The counseling has been harder. And the testing ... well, it's weeks and months apart, as everyone here knows.

You've certainly tried quite a few medications already. What are some of your difficult child's symptoms? How does he act out? Do you have a good pediatrician who is trying these medications with-you, or a neuropsychologist, or psychiatric? The downside of our pediatrician is that he had to take our word for almost everything. My son only acted out once with-him and he was very surprised.
I, like many here, was actually happy when my son was obnoxious at the dr's ofc because to that point, no one believed me!
Good luck.