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  1. Lothlorien

    Lothlorien Active Member Staff Member

    Let's see what has happened to us all this year.

    For me,

    • Biomom passed in February (as horrible as it sounds, it was sort of a relief)
    • Blizzard or two in the early part of the year.
    • I got in touch with another sibling (that makes the rest of them)
    • Got a puppy. Love her to death!
    • Struggled through with husband's went in the trash this year
    • Mighty Mouse learned to ride his bike this year.
    • Sister came up from Florida and we had a complete blast!
    • Went to Chicago in July for a business conference. It was fun, except for the horrid delays coming home.
    • mother in law started having mini-strokes, diagnosis'd with tumor....Finally (recently) diagnosis'd with throat cancer and started treatments this week.
    • Started services for Missy that have been extremely helpful. Paid for by the State, which was a relief as well. She has been struggling quite a bit this year.
    • Got in touch with a cousin I haven't seen since I was 12
    • Got in touch with my aunt in Canada and my cousin, who I haven't seen since I was 21
    • We had the most amazing and emotional Christmas. I went from being worried about not being able to get much for my kids, to them probably having everything they wanted, but not spoiled (well, maybe a little spoiled). My family was amazing. husband's family was amazing. I got bonuses from both jobs. Made some money on ebay too. It was emotional from that level, to mother in law being sick, to having my sisters and brother to talk to on
    • Got to see my youngest sister the day after Christmas (who is doing really well in a halfway house, after going thru rehab). This is the sister who I just got in touch with this past year, but hadn't seen her since I was about 21. Building a relationship with her has been one of the highlights of my year.
    • After almost having my electric shut off twice this past fall, I think we are finally getting caught up with bills.
    • Another blizzard.....finally got our street plowed last night, after three days. 30 Inches of snow. Whopper of a storm. Smowmageddon again.
    I'm sure I can come up with some more, but that's it for now. A year in the life of Loth. What's yours?
  2. Marcie Mac

    Marcie Mac Just Plain Ole Tired

    Thats a lot of stuff Loth. Am sitting here trying to think -am I just so immune to "stuff" it doesn't phase me anymore good or bad LOL Actually the year has been pretty uneventful

    My mother was comming to live, then she wasn't, then she was, then she wasn't. The drama she created was just unbeleivable with my Aunt who she said stole all of her money and Aunt who called me out of the blue and said I am so done with her. I spent months alternating between panic and resignation that I would have to bite the bullet and bring her. My Aunt eventually calmed down, we worked out a solution to calm my mother down and all was well till my Aunt passed away suddently. My cousin is taking pretty good care of her and I think she is better off where she is as she has a lot of extended relations.

    Both boys are employed -Danny has his own computer repair gig and works out of the house but doing better as he ages but really needs to be on medication

    So's has only had one hospitalization this year and we finally got a diagnosis aftr 15 years of seeking answers. He has a life again and helps a friend do storage unit clean out so I don't have to keep a 24/7 vigil.

    Have managed to hang on to the job by the ends of my nails - will freak out next year over it next year

    Eldest is still with Baby Daddy #3 - saw her a week ago and she is happly living in the midst of all sorts of drama with his relations. Feel sad that her brothers and I have been reduced to a "biological" mother and brothers but am ok. I love having pretty much a drama free lifestyle and have no desire ever to revisit the period of my life where she was living here. SO and I meet up with her for dinner about once a month so I get to see the grandkids at least.

    Lets hope I can make less of a list next year

  3. AnnieO

    AnnieO Shooting from the Hip

    Wow, Loth, you've had a LOT going on this year!

    Let's see...

    Last year ended with Onyxx getting caught stealing drugs from my (locked) bedroom and getting arrested. So the year began with her going to court and the court ordering a lawyer then saying we asked for him (we actually did NOT). Escalating behavior from her. husband was starting to step up, which I loved and Onyxx hated. She got violent again in April (me again, what's up with that?!), got arrested again, more court, they gave her probation and anger management classes and a fine. She tanked her first urine test and the PO gave her ONE MORE CHANCE. Went camping with husband in June, came home to an obviously high Onyxx. She went to see the PO next day and stayed in juvie for a week from flunking urine test again. Finally got her counseling with someone she likes. husband and I decided to try IVF, and in August it all came crashing down around us after 4 months of hormones and needles and blood draws and internal ultrasounds and extraction from both of us. In July I moved jobs, same company but different building, slight pay cut but not so bad considering the alternative. Remodeled basement into our bedroom suite (never let anyone tell you that you can't paint the walls PURPLE, it looks AWESOME). Best friends' marriage almost imploded, with a bit of Step-in-the-middle and husband helping managed to get them into therapy. Found out his daughter (my favorite "niece", but don't tell the others that) had been molested by her biomom's husband, 4 years ago. Was able to help them deal with the anger and hurt due to what had happened to Onyxx. Have seen 11 friends lose jobs due to RIF. Surprisingly doing okay financially, enough to help some other people out. husband's insulation business is really taking off. For about 2 months now Onyxx has been a typical teen and it's seriously got me "worried"! LOL

    Next up... Onyxx wants her temporary driver's license... OMG!
  4. flutterby

    flutterby Fly away!

    • difficult child was admitted to psychiatric hospital for the first time
    • Finally got a diagnosis, only to have another specialist question it. Get to jump through diagnostic hoops again.
    • difficult child stopped being angry with me. We have a wonderful relationship now, except she's severely depressed.
    • Went out with the girls for the first time in 3 years. Discovered alcohol really doesn't mix with Mestinon. Gave my number to the one-eyed guy who thinks kids issue are due to parenting. (Did I mention alcohol and Mestinon don't mix?) Woke up the next morning and groaned at the thought. Fortunately, he never called.
    • Met Star, Mom Star, and Stang. Laughed harder than I had in ages.
    • My favorite kitty went missing.
    • Removed easy child and his DF from my home. Stress levels reduced dramatically.
    • Continuing to make progress on my identity as a disabled person. I am a person who is disabled. I am not my disability.
    I know there is so much more, but my memory isn't working today. 2010 has been both a big year and yet, somehow, not. 2 steps forward, 1 step back - so some progress, but slow going with setbacks.
  5. KTMom91

    KTMom91 Well-Known Member

    Let's see...

    Hubby got laid off in January, went back to school in March.

    Miss KT turned 19, and left for college.

    I learned my chronic pain is most likely arthritis, and I'm learning to deal with it...some days better than others.

    Managed to get on another school's preferred sub list, bringing the total to 4.

    My grandbaby made her entrance into the world...more on that on another thread.

    I discovered the wonders of Ambien, and learned what a good night's sleep felt like.
  6. Wiped Out

    Wiped Out Well-Known Member Staff Member

    • difficult child was hospitalized 3 times. Once in March, April, and May
    • An uncle passed away. Two other aunts and an uncle had serious health problems but are hanging in there.
    • Lost respite services for difficult child.
    • husband's dad learned to deal with his one leg being gone-his spirits have dramatically improved in the last year.
    • easy child/difficult child switched to an alternative high school for her senior year (we hope she will graduate in May).
    • Attended a very fun family reunion in July.
    • Spent lots of time at the swimming pool this summer!!
    • Joined boot camp with husband and it is intense but we both are really enjoying it!
    • easy child/difficult child got her driver's license.
    • We switched therapists for difficult child because he aged out at his previous one.
    • We traveled to Michigan to see 4 football games-saw two wins and, unfortunately, two losses. We are excited because they are in a bowl game this year after a two year break and they are playing on New Year's Day!
    • Hasn't happened yet but my grandmother will turn 98 on New Year's Eve!!
  7. mstang67chic

    mstang67chic Going Green

    Oh wow....let's see.

    difficult child had community service
    mother in law passed away
    difficult child failed to finish his community service and did a month and a half in jail
    I got a great job
    difficult child got out of jail
    My dad and step-mom divorced after 27 years
    I got a new car
    difficult child got an apartment
    I got my house back
    difficult child and friend decided to start a band
    difficult child and friend didn't want to earn the money for instruments
    difficult child and friend broke into the Salvation Army and 2 churches to steal instruments
    difficult child goes to jail.....again.

    Aaaaand that pretty much brings us to the current time.

  8. Nancy

    Nancy Well-Known Member Staff Member

    -drove easy child to NC in a blizzard for 5 months student teaching
    -flew to NC in Feb to visit easy child and had lovely visit with Fran and her family
    -drove back to NC in May to pick easy child up, this time no blizzard :0
    -went zip lining in NC
    -easy child got her first teaching job :)
    -missed family reunion because difficult child came home drunk at 4am
    -admitted difficult child to outpatient program for substance abuse
    -two days later difficult child left outpatient
    -admitted difficult child to 60 day inpatient program
    -had the most peaceful 60 days in 19 years
    -brought difficult child home and started five weeks of outpatient
    -graduated from outpatient
    -relapsed two days later
    -re-entered outpatient program and terminated two days later due to constant relapse
    -called police this week to have difficult child removed from our home

    This has not been a good year and I am so looking forward to it ending.

  9. DammitJanet

    DammitJanet Well-Known Member Staff Member

    I have a hard time with remembering past events so ya'll will have to help

    Turned 48 in January.
    Found my some of my cousins on Facebook that I havent talked to in like 20 years.
    One of those cousins told me my Dad was sick in March.
    Dad confirmed he had Stage 3 Lung Cancer the beginning of March.
    Went to the White House Easter Egg Roll with Keyana and Hailie.
    Fell at Jamie's house over his coffee table and still havent recovered!
    Went to at least 3 or 4 Beauty Pageants with Keyana and she had a blast.
    Cory moved back in. Slap me now.
    Oh...I became a Moderator on here! Thats a biggie!!!
    And Dad died on 12/2/2010 and was buried on 12/07/2010
  10. tiredmommy

    tiredmommy Site Moderator

    Everything tends to roll into one big blur, but:

    *My mother died 1/15 from lung cancer
    *I got a new car in April
    *Duckie "graduated" from the multiage program at school & has moved up to the big school
    *We visited my cousin in Delaware in July
    *I re-did the living room & kitchen (paint, mostly) while Duckie attended camp this summer
    *We took a road trip to Cleveland over the summer
    *My beloved Pookie was put to rest on 8/10
    *Duckie has been in two local theater productions
    *husband took me to see Gordon Lightfoot for our anniversary
    *husband and I got to see Trans Siberian Orchestra a few weeks ago.

    There's a lot more, I'm sure. I just can't remember it all, lol!
  11. Marguerite

    Marguerite Active Member

    Janet, here in Australia (also in the UK and other countries) our dating system is reversed. We put it as day, month, year (chronological order from shortest interval to longest) so to me at first it read that your father had died in February and been buried in July! I was about to ask why the delay...

    This year has been challenging.
    First thing - right after Christmas mother in law admitted she had been having heart flutters all through Christmas Day lunch. She told us on 27th December so we took her straight to hospital. She was there for a week or more, then home on new medications. The new medications made her unsteady and in early January she had a fall at home, was lucky to not break her hip. She spent a few hours on the floor before she crawled to the phone to call us. We went right down and called the ambulance. End result - she was in hospital for a few weeks and only allowed home if we were there to look after her. A lot of accommodations needed to be made and she has fought most of them, including the walking frame and especially the emergency call button she's supposed to wear round her neck. It also meant that from mid-January, we've been down at mother in law's every night cooking/eating dinner. Otherwise she won't eat properly, if at all. Too much bother.

    Next - I had a routine mammogram a couple of weeks after mother in law got home form hospital the second time. Then I got a call back - I remember it was a scorching hot summer's day right at the end of January. We'd just had Australia Day and difficult child 3's birthday. The callback took me most of the day, during which time the car was parked in the sun. But I was feeling cold when I went back to the car - they'd found a cyst but couldn't aspirate it as they expected. Took a needle biopsy instead.
    Results next day - breast cancer. Invasive ductal carcinoma. Saw the surgeon a few days later, had the lump removed a week after that. The lump was the size of an olive; they took out about a golf ball. Right breast. Pathology - the doctor got it all but it was a near thing, she nearly missed the margin because it was so hard to work out where it was. Sentinel nodes negative! which meant the cancer had not spread beyond the breast. Next step - five weeks of radiation treatment, although it stretched to six weeks. No need for chemo.

    The radiation treatment finished in June.

    I had been involved in a stage production but it fell apart partly because of my cancer, and also because of other unrelated problems.

    Through all this, husband drove me to and from the hospital even though we had lots of people prepared to help. I was extra tired, of course, plus difficult child 3 needed some one-on-one lessons this year as the subjects were especially challenging for someone with autism. So we would go to the cancer centre early, then as we were already hafway there, continue on to the school. husband would sit in while I slept in the car on and off.

    Sis-in-law visited and we had a little break from dinner every night, but it was still family dinner every other night.

    It was a struggle but difficult child 3 got through his school year, including Work Experience, which he did at his school (again while I was having treatment - it was easier to do it then than at another time).

    mother in law has been getting more frail and weaker, and now has problems which seem at least kin part due to not eating properly - it seems she's only eating in the evenings when we're there, and not eating enough at other times. But when she had both of our daughters (and their husbands) staying with her over Christmas, they made sure she ate a cooked breakfast each morning.

    So here we are at the end of a difficult year from any perspective. Professionally, I've had a lot of demands on my services this year and have not been able to follow through as much as I wanted. I entered two competitions and won one. My book (self-published ten years ago) has a new market and is selling well locally. In the last couple of months I've published another book (for someone else) and have another waiting in the wings. Plus my own writing is getting a wriggle-on, thanks to a new writers collective I've been invited to join - it's exclusive, a maximum of six members so it's an honour to have been asked to join. Their ongoing support and demands have kept me working through all the fun and games of this year.

    difficult child 3 has got his Learners Permit (a concern - could he manage to curb his impulsivity when behind the wheel?) and has been doing well. He has to log 120 hours behind the wheel, including 30 hours at night, plus reach his 17th birthday, before he can be tested for his drivers licence. Then it's two years on the red Provisional and another year on the green Provisional before he earns his "blacks" - a full drivers licence. While on his Provisionals (Ps) he's limited to 80 km/hr plus not permitted more than one passenger under 25. Any mistakes - loss of licence. It's really tough here. Despite this, we expect him to want to test for his licence soon after he turns 17, as soon as he gets his hours up. We're planning a drive to Canberra in the next week or so, that will get him another 6 hours at least. Then when school goes back, I generally get difficult child 3 to drive us there and back - that's another 3 hours.

    Let's hope 2011 brings some tranquility and good fortune.

  12. busywend

    busywend Well-Known Member Staff Member

    I almost feel guilty for typing mine. I have had a wonderful year!

    Got married
    difficult child got a job
    Got a new car
    difficult child moved out on her own
    difficult child turned into a happy child I know - amazing
    Went on vacation to Jamaica

    I am sure there are many more, but they all are positive except MILs many events of medical issues, but she is still hanging in there!
  13. DDD

    DDD Well-Known Member

    It's a blur. It could have been worse but it sure as heck could have been better. How's that for a cheery summary? LOL

    I expect 2011 will be a continuing ride on the rollercoaster. Hoping for more highs than lows. DDD
  14. ML

    ML Guest

    Invited stepson difficult child to move out in January after a year of sleeping in our basement. He didn't speak to us for months but now things are better than ever. He is working and fairly happy. Of course he still drinks too much but we can't control that.

    husband lost his job in March and went through a couple months of hearings before finally getting approved for unemployment. We had to cash in his retirement and have been surviving on that since.

    Thanks to the generosity of my mom and bother we went on a cruise to the Caribbean in November.

    We became very active socially through husband's AA group.

    Manster went from being a C- student to a B+ due in large part to Ritalin and a great (first male) teacher who considers manster one of his best students.

    Lost our cat Mr. Kitten and welcomed a new baby we named Nikita.

    All in all a full year.

    But I'm ready for 2011~
  15. Marg's Man

    Marg's Man Member

    Don't feel guilty. As I look over our year and everyone else's; I'm GLAD for you.

    I know everyone says that Misery Loves Company. It sure as heck doesn't! At least one of our households had a good year.

    It was us last year (3 weddings - worth celebrating); this year it's you.

    Marg's Man
  16. Lothlorien

    Lothlorien Active Member Staff Member

    Boy haven't we been a busy bunch?
    Wendy...don't feel bad. We all deserve a good year, right?
    Despite some of the bad in my year, mostly financial and mother in law sickness, the rest has been good. I am looking forward to a better year this year, hopefully!

    I've enjoyed reading and catching up with everyone. I don't see everything on the other forums, so this was good for catching up!
  17. TerryJ2

    TerryJ2 Well-Known Member

    My goodness, what a yr for everyone!

    Many hugs for those of you whose parents died this yr. I suspect this coming yr will be the last for my dad. As for my cousin, who knows?

    I can't even think in detail about what happened to me and my family this yr or I'll have a breakdown. I'm just glad I'm still here and my family is all still here. And we had a white Christmas in VA and MN!

    I hope that 2011 is a wonderful yr for all of us. We deserve it! :Grouphug:
  18. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    Hmmm. An awful lot has gone on this year........I'm not sure I can remember it all.

    mother in law started having falls, when meant trips to ER and hospital stays, going to live in assisted living, then to the nursing home, then to pass away due to a bowel obstruction.

    I got a new grandchild, baby Connor.

    Travis went off to college basically on a hope and a prayer budget, survived, passed his classes, then wised up that community college for basic course is much cheaper. lol

    Katie and family took the nose dive off the cliff and moved to St. Louis where they lived on the streets until August before getting into a shelter. Then in Oct decided to dive off that cliff one more time and moved here. Since then they've stayed with me, stayed in a motel, and 2 shelters....only thing they've accomplished in that time is starting the SSI disability process for Alex.

    My bff died of an over dose.

    Nichole took a nosedive after bff's death. Bff's husband took advantage of grief stricken mentally unstable Nichole.......and the whole drama that took place during that disaster.

    Nichole and her boyfriend get back together, determined to make the necessary changes to make their relationship work. Seen many changes in both of them. I hope it continues.

    Nichole got pregnant and miscarried shortly after having the pregnancy confirmed by the doctor. Nichole is once again pregnant. Hormone levels are fine, no indication fetus is having issues. But once again Nichole is being hit with sudden severe headaches, tunnel vision, and numbness on one side of her face and head. doctor says it's due to sudden drops in b/p and calling it near syncope (near fainting). So now she's to drink like a fish and has to take 2 iron pills on top of her prenatal vitamins in hopes of stopping it.

    easy child had tachycardia and severe migraines wihile pregnant with Conner scaring the beegeebies out of everyone. (I've decided my girls are incapable of having uneventful pregnancies)

    I graduated nursing school.

    husband is still waiting for this newest unemployment extension to kick finances are in the toilet.

    I got all my teeth pulled except the 4 front bottom teeth and am due to get the mold for the dentures soon as the darn dentist stops celebrating the holidays. ugh

    Was able to pull off a totally magical xmas for katie's kids.

    Nichole's boyfriend asked her to marry him.

    Wow. That was a lot to pack into a single year.......and I'm thinking I might have forgotten a few things. lol
  19. Marguerite

    Marguerite Active Member

    It sounds like some of us had a crud year while others really had a lot of good things. I'm so glad it wasn't a bust for everyone. And even for me as I look back - I end the year confident my cancer is dealt with, so I have that confidence which a year ago I didn't know about. That has to be progress!

    Never feel guilty for having good news.

  20. joneshockey

    joneshockey Guest

    WOW~ What a year everyone has had! Here is a list of mine:
    * Have struggled financially ALL year and it will continue into 2011...
    * Survived the horrible behavior/aggression problems of B2!
    * B2 started weekly therapy in May.
    * Survived the process & diagnosis of B2's Mood Disorder & ADHD - Put on medications in July.
    * Found the WONDERFUL Support of everyone here @ I TRUELY do not know what I would do without you!
    * Began the fight for Early Childhood Special Services for B2... Everything should be signed and in place on January 6, 2011.
    * Worked thru friendship issues related to B2's aggression... My friends have all FINALLY accepted B2 as he is!
    * Had B1 diagnoised with ADHD - Put on medications in August.
    * Faught (to the bitter end)for B1 to be given extra reading support, even though he didn't "technically" qualify, due to not having an area of strength. Which has been a blessing, since his attitude towards school and learning have TOTALLY changed for the better!
    * Discovered I was pregnant... which was EXTREMELY unexpected!
    * Struggled with my husband's reaction to the pregnancy...
    * Found out the baby is a G-I-R-L! Sooooooo very happy and excited!
    * Praying for baby girl's kidney issues to resolve themselves prior to delivery in April 2011.
    * Had an amnio done for the first time! A procedure I do not EVER want to repeat!
    * Joyous that baby girl Jones doesn't have Down Syndrome!

    What a year I have had! I look forward to 2011 to see what adventures my family has in store... I wish everyone here the best in 2011 - HAPPY NEW YEAR!