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    how do i join a group? Im new to all this and has no idea on where to start. thanks
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    Groups are a separate entity on this forum. I just recently joined one (I think it was for math issues) and am waiting to see any action on it - maybe come September.

    Generally people start threads (as you just did) and others come by and leave their comments of support, guidance and insights.

    Tell us about your kids, vent about a specific issue, ask some questions. Read some threads and comment when you feel comfortable.

    Welcome to the board!
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    Welcome to our little corner of the world. However, I assume things aren't all beds of roses or you wouldn't have found us. Like Keista said, fill us in on you and your family, what brought you to us, etc. The more specific you are, the better we can support you.

    You started off great. You simply Start A Thread in any of the forums (General Parenting, Early Childhood, Special Education 101, etc) based on whatever you have an issue with. You'll get the hang of it.

    Again, welcome to the family. If you are having issues with a child, you have come to the right place. Let us get to know you.
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    Ditto keista and TeDO

    Welcome to the board. So glad you found us, sorry that you needed to.

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    Hey, pull up a chair and have a cuppa coffee :)

    Type your story here and we'll do all we can to support you. We are not a harsh group. You have nothing to fear.
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    You just did!
    Let us know what's going on and depending upon your child's age and diagnosis, we can suggest an age group or something. Otherwise, you'll be on this board. Just let us know!
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    vchaffin, I responded to your thread over on Early Childhood. More information about your situation will still be very helpful.
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    Thanks for making me feel welcome didn't really think anyone would reply back. well Im a stay at home mom of 3 and housewife. My kids are boy who is 6 a girl who will be 4 in sept, and a boy that is 19 months. my issue is mainly with my lil girl. Ive had problems since she was 18 months old. it first started with SEVERE nite terrors. Everything i've read on nite terrors it says the child normally wakes up 1 time a night well for my case it was up to 7 times a night every single night. we tried meletonin and benedryl and they both done reverse reaction on her. so her peds put her on clonodine it worked but wouldn't keep her asleep.I begged for a sleep study cat scan anything. they told me she was to young.
    So in the mist of that I had my 3rd child in dec 09. Well let me back up. my oldest and her has never gotten along, shes always been very aggressive selfish demanding you name it. She kept sinusitis and ear infections she was on 12 antibotics 1 yr so i switched peds and he sent her to a ent bc she failed hearing test. well I thought trying to get her into preschool so she could play with other children not just siblings so they wanted to test her to see if she would qualify before the ent done her surgery, her ears where compacted and her adenoids where super enlarged. so we tested her at 30 months old and she tested that she was at a 18-20 month old level. delays in cognitive motor social etc. so she qualified. went to preschool last fall she had seperation anxiety for quiet sometime but adapted well only thing was she seperated herself from the other kids.she stuck right with the teachers.she would come home and tell me she didn't like so and so all the time. So bc of the anger the not following rules, no fear of anything, she doesnt sit down shes always on the go back talks, doesnt like authority i had to take it to the next level. I got her to a phsyciatrist. he tried her on adderall it done reverse reaction, tried folocine done nothing, tried buspar at night with the clonodine and it worked well with the night terrors it kept her asleep but done nothing during the day except made her eat double what she normally did she woke up thinking bout food thats all she talked about. so i told the dr what was goin on then to find out she gained 2 pounds in 4 weeks while on that medication. he uped the dosage to 1 in the am 1 in the pm.her eating picked back up and 3 days on 10mg she started talking bout killing things.NEVER heard that word come out til that medication so i took her off of it called the dr and he hasn't called me back but i see him this week. in the mean time he refered her to a phycologist she said theres alot going on but she needs the pshycological testing to find out what is goin on. back up a lil she had delay testing after the adenoids at 38 months after the surgery she tested and she was at a 22 month theres still delays there. this past april we had her tonsils removed they was actually growin on her uvula i was thinking that was the cause of her still waking up she snorted all the time. it helped the snoring but not the nite terrors. The psyciatrist says shes a garden of wonder theres alot of different symptoms going on just hard to diagnose a 3 yr old. I've researched til i blue she matches some symptoms of bi polar, ODD, and sensory dysfunction disorder. she matches ODD to the tee. But i've got to do something. I've had to get on nerve pills and im bipolar my self but was controlling it without medications until now. I had to do somethin for myself for me to be able to tolerate her and help her. noone knows what i go through day in and day out. I have no help except from my hubby but he works. I don't get breaks it just makes it harder. A trip to the store or where ever is a night mare shes constantly starting fights with the other kids in the car anywhere she is. she don't walk she runs or skips, shes very clumsy, she wants undivided attention 24/7, she doesnt want to do anything herself she always needs help, shes destructive demanding, doesnt like authority, she shares nothing, her meltdowns are all the time its just never ending and when its bedtime youd think i could put my feet up and enjoy peace but that don't happen bc of night terrors.When my youngest was born she would wake him up screaming so I'd get her back to sleep have to go get him back to sleep and by the time he would go back to bed she was up again. That went on for so long I ran on a average of 2 hrs a sleep a night i was going nuts.Got to where i couldn;t remember anything i couldn't think i just couldn't function and help is like impossible.Im spending so much money on doctors appts and medications that don't work and can't get a answer. VERY frustrating.
    So now that i've gave yall a lil taste of my issues maybe someone has some advice. but for now i have her hollering mommy mommy mommy and my lil boy waking up. have a good day everyone.

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    Wow! What a mess. From what you've said, I would be more inclined to go to a neurologist than a psychiatrist. She's had issues since she was a baby and that's something deep within her brain, neurologically and chemically.
    Do you have an appointment set up with-a neurologist? Or a neuropsychologist?
    I'm sorry about the medication issues. So much of it is trial and error. I can say that there are many here whose kids are bipolar and they have noticed that Adderall and other stimulants do NOT work on bipolar, and tend to make it worse.
    But your daughter has more issues than that ... the clumsiness, the hearing loss ... you've got a tough row to hoe so just take it one step at a time.
    Also, do you have a husband, friend, sister or someone who can stay at the house one night a wk so you can sleep through the night?
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    she had a sleep study a couple weeks ago done and a neurologist is suppose to be looking at the results and takin over her care. I havent heard anything thus far.Yea thats one thing he told me while trying the adhd medications he said if shes not adhd the medications won't work. obviously they haven't. Since the tubes got put in her hearing has came back to normal. But the yr or so that she went with so much build up caused the delays or more of the delays but hearing is back in tact but she does have selective hearing:) i think all kids do. My husband works 10-16 hr days 4-6 days a week So i don't ask him to get up with them. when my youngest was up every 2 hrs he helped with that but i have no help other than my husband family refuses to watch her bc it takes so much so they say. she's doin alot better than before the most shes been up in a while is 3 times. Im use to it by now.
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    WOW! You certainly do have a lot of issues to deal with. It also sounds as if you and her doctors are heading in the right direction with evaluations and such. Consider yourself 'lucky'. I know that's hard to see, and hard to feel considering your circumstances, but too many parents get useless dxes and doctors refuse to probe further.

    Yes, your daughter is VERY young and much too young for some definitive dxes BUT you and the docs are still exploring and treating whatever you can.

    It can be sooooooooooooooo difficult when they are young with no support or relief. When you talk to any of the docs, ask if they know of any respite care resources. Obviously you need more than just a babysitter for this child. You need someone skilled in dealing with such issues. Leave no stone unturned trying to find that respite care.

    Make sure to take care of YOU! If you don't keep up with your medications and your own self care you will be useless to her and the other kids. You know this, I'm just sending a gentle reminder.

    ((((HUGS)))) You've found a great place for support in this board. Welcome.
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    Thanks so much. Im just doing what i can do to help her in the long run.
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    I'm so glad that you found this made a huge difference in my life.
    Sorry to hear that you are having such a difficult time...I agree...can't your hubby just look after the kids maybe for 2 hours during weekends for you to have coffee with a friend?
    For us....strange enough it also started of with night terrors...we are still VERY new on the road to recovery. Thankfully we've had good 2 weeks with antidepressants and some good advice from dr Green's book regarding the explosive child and also good support from psychiatrist and councelling. My son has been diagnosed with anxiety disorder, with possible ODD and Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).
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    We also have dealth with night terrors here. Vistaril was what helped my son the most.
    What was amazing to me was that my son had an EEG at age 6 was diagnosed with absence seizures- we had no idea that he was having seizure activity - he was put on Depakote for the seizure control and the night terrors stopped immediately.
    We were able to stop the Vistaril at bedtime and he has not had a night terror since.
    I tell anyone with a kiddo with Night Terrors to get to a Neurologist for an evaluation - could be a neuro process.
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    we had the sleep study and hopefully find something out soon. I was begining to think the clonodine wasn't working bc she was still wakin up all nite until i forgot to get her refil one day and she was up til after midnite. i have all my kids on a bedtime schedual they are normally in bed by no later than 8, always had that so i could have me and hubby time still that don't always happen if shes having a bad night.Then i came to the conclusion it was doing what it was suppose to just not keeping her sleeping.within 30 minutes after taking that medication she's knocked out. My mother has seziures Im hoping thats not the case but it does run in her genes.I was told theres not alot of medication that you can give a 3 yr old for bipolar or other chemical imballances. Im so tired of hearing shes to young.especially knowing somethin is goin on. But theres not many phsyciatrist that will see her until age 5. To get any kind of answers I've gotta have physcological testing done which my insurance doesnt pay for except the parent questionairs so i've got to have a extra 600.00 to put out before anything can be done.everythings a catch 22.