Newly diagnosed 14yo


My daughter is 14 and just diagnosed bipolar with anxiety and depression. Right now she is all over the place and cycling faster than any of us can keep up with. It's been really rough for her, but I'm exhausted. My husband is also bipolar with depression. I'm currently the one doing it all for our family. This roller coaster we are all on is wearing me down. daughter starts partial inpatient treatment next week 5 days a week. I'm so glad I found this place because parenting has been a nightmare the last 9 months.

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Welcome, MommaK. :welcomecat: I encourage you to create a signature to go at the end of your posts. Let us know who is in your family and about how old everyone is.

I hope the treatment next week helps your daughter manage her emotions better. It's difficult being a teen. It must be even more difficult attempting to cope when you have bipolar. Does she have any close friends?

I'm sorry the past nine months have been tough.
We went through that, too. Our son had rapid cycling from infancy! He wasn't properly diagnosed until he was 12, so we had many difficult years and two year-long residential treatment placements before things were figured out. The outpatient will help and if they can find the right combination of medications, that will help, too. Our son is quite heavy as a side effect of the medications, but to us, that's much less of a problem that raging and violence.


Hopefully the fact that she plays softball year round will help combat weight gain due to medications. Right now I'm expecting a fight to start regarding therapy. She wants to go, but only if it doesn't cut into anything she wants to do. I'm expecting things to get much worse before they start to get better.