Nichole and B/f Got It With Both Barrels !!!

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I get a call from b/f's house about 1 1/2 hrs ago. He's acting all panicky saying Nichole is crazy I need to come get her. She's had a knife yadda yadda. I hung up on him. He calls back a couple mins later and says Nichole is really crazy she needs to go to the hospital. Nichole yells he should tell me about him slamming her into the floor. I tell him I'm sending husband and hang up on him. He calls again, I hang up on him.

So husband and I go over. I'm livid. I warned them about putting this sh*t in my face again, and about having the baby around such behavior.

Up until now I've kept my mouth shut thru all the drama, violence, and rotten treatment on both sides of the issue. Tonight I blew like a volcano.

I find Nichole sitting on the couch baby in her arms with b/f yelling at her. Baby is hesterical. I tell her to come on we're leaving. She refuses. So I go to take the baby. Nichole tries to pull the "don't take MY baby" crap. I told her she either handed the baby over or I was going for custody and putting an end to Aubrey being exposed to such abuse on a reg basis. She handed the baby over.

Tried to get her to come with me again. She refused. B/f was stupid enough to open his mouth to me. I let loose. On both of them. Told them they needed to effing grow up. Who the heck do they think they are acting like that with a baby in the house? B/f is stupid again and opens his mouth. And I really let him have it. FOUR years worth, no holds barred. Told the the jerk exactly how I felt about him and his treatment of my daughter.

He comes back with "She's crazy!" So I told him, Only when she's around YOU! I told him if he has a problem with her maturity then he should've thought about that when he decided to go out with someone 4 yrs younger than himself. Told him he needed to stick with his effing decision to end it and not come crawling back to her a few hours later playing his freaking head games.

Ladies, it WAS NOT pretty. He went and hid in the hall. I told both kids Aubrey would not be entering that house again, period! I am not leaving her at the mercy of 2 kids who don't know how to behave.

Went to leave, walked out the door, down the step with the baby in my arms, legs gave out, left foot folded entirely the wrong way, I went down (on foot folded the wrong way), managed to catch myself so baby didn't even know I'd fallen. It is very probable I've broken my [email protected] foot! Have husband help me to the car and bring the baby home.

Baby is sleeping. I'm nursing a badly bruise, throbbing, swollen probably broken foot. Nichole is still at b/f's waiting for his mother to come home so she can tell the woman her side. And I can't go to the ER til she gets here.

If she gets arrested so be it. If they make up, I think I'll beat their heads together myself. But that baby WILL NOT go anywhere with the two of them alone again, or I'll go for custody to make sure it doesn't happen.

I'm finished with the drama. :nonono:


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:cry: Ackkkk......sounds horribly horrific! But I am glad you were finally able to lay down the law to them.
Big hugs are being sent your way.......So sorry you are having to endure this.
As for the ankle - UGH - been there done that......."when it rains it pours", is unfortunately too true. A broken or sprained ankle is the worst for people like us who need their mobility. I am hoping it is neither.

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Actually, it was pretty horrific. And Nichole still hasn't come home. Not sure if that's good or bad, and don't really give a hoot.

Thanks for the hugs, I need them. Thought I was gonna stroke I was so darn furious. It's the foot, not the ankle. Can't even touch it to the floor without excruciating pain. Ought to be interesting when I do try to get to the ER. Haven't a clue how I'll make it back to the car. :rolleyes: I've broken a foot before, unfortunately I recognize the pain. Still I'm hoping I just twisted the thing horribly or something. The last thing I need is a broken bleeping foot. :slap:


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{{{Hugs}}} Is easy child around? Maybe she could bring you & Aubrey to the hospital (I'd not let that child out of my sight tonight). Perhaps you can be rolled to the car in a wheeled desk chair then pivot on your good foot into the car. Please keep us updated.


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I'm amazed at the gracious way you have handled all this with Nichole and b/f thus far. I'm surprised, truthfully, you didn't let him have it so long ago :smile:

I'm glad you got Aubrey. Good luck with your foot, my friend.

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Unfortunately easy child is at work tonight. :frown: I called son in law just to be sure.

I'm hoping I haven't heard from Nichole because she's packing up the baby's stuff.

Sigh. I can dream, can't I?


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I think that you have been a saint. This has been a long time coming.

I hope the ankle is not broken. It doesn't sound good, though.

Sending a big {{{hug}}}.



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Effing Incredible! :bravo:

sorry 'bout your foot. Are you sure you didn't bus' it off in that boys arse? C'mon really you did not fall down the stairs.

put a banana peel on your bruise over night. Yellow side out.

Hugs...and a hollar for Mom.....Wo Wo Wo!

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Star, I came mighty mighty close to ramming my foot up that boys arse. And only you can make me crack up when I'm hurting and still furious. lmao Thank you.

I've warned my kids all their lives Mom has a temper to be reckoned with, dangerous and deadly when triggered. I had to learn to control it before I seriously injured someone. Until tonight, none of them had ever seen the Beast unleashed.

Nichole was smart enough to shut up. B/f wasn't so smart. He doesn't know how lucky he was that I took the baby into my arms. (a tactic I learned long ago to prevent myself from going physical) You DO NOT body slam my daughter into the floor and expect to come off unscathed, I don't give a rat's arse what she did to you. Not when you're a man and are twice her size in height and body weight. :nonono:

Nichole came home a short while ago, baby's things in tow. Trying to make nicey nicey we made up. Too bad. She found out quick Mom is STILL furious with BOTH of them and meant what she said. Baby IS NOT going back over to b/f's house.

I asked her what happened when his mother showed up. Evidently they didn't tell them much except that Nichole is going for child support cuz it doesn't look like they can work things out. I actually think more was said cuz Nichole told me b/f was going home to get reemed at from his parents. He's supposed to bring the rest of the baby's things in the morning.

And so, they got into it again o/l I guess. I think she was talking to him in chat. She was crying. So maybe they haven't truely broken up. Or maybe she was chatting with her best friend N. Who knows? I didn't get snoopy.

I swear if I let this drama get to me I'd need a padded cell. :surprise:

Meanwhile, foot still looks nasty. But stopped throbbing and just is excruciating if I set it on the floor. I'm holding off til morning on the decision to go to the ER. I'm just too tired to deal with docs and such tonight.

On a side note, Nichole said I scared the pee right outta b/f. So maybe that's why he hid in the hall. :rofl:


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LMAO @ Loan Ranger.

Way To Go Lisa on scaring the pee out of B/F. He deserves it after man handling your Nichole.

Aubrey doesn't deserve to be in this mess and didn't ask for it. I'm glad Aubrey is with you and staying put!

Hope your foot isn't broken. I broke all 5 toes on the top of my foot, what part is that called, anyways, all 5 at the same time once. Hurt like biznitch. I feel your pain. Ice and motrin until you decide if it warrants an ER visit.


I was in the watercooler and saw in a post that your mood emoticon had changed and came a'lookin'. (by the way, there's a road trip going on over there...might want to join. :wink:)

Unbelievable! boyfriend complains that N is immature?!! So, is he the pot or the kettle? Bet it's the last time he ever tries to get you on his side by tattling on N. Duh. :rolleyes:

Take care of that foot.



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Way to go Mum!!!!! Glad to hear that she at least came home.

Hope the foot isn't broken but if it is get one of those walking casts, then wait until your foot is healed, keep the cast on and THEN boot boyfriend in the arse!!!!!

You are a true warrior mum!!!


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You have held your tongue for a long time - glad you gave them both the lashing they deserved. Good for you for taking Aubrey and keeping her safe. Hope you are at the docs getting your foot looked at!



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Look after that foot. I hope Nichole can break with B/F and stick to it. Trouble is, he sounds like a manipulative ratbag, rather have Nichole than not (or let her be away from him). Creep. If she threatened him with a knife, he should take the hint and leave. Why take her back? What sort of idiot is he? And if she didn't threaten him with a knife, why make it up about her, then act like all is forgiven again? he is not consistent.

Ice that foot. Get a bag of frozen peas on it, or whatever you can find. Mind you, corn on the cob can be a bit uncomfortable on a broken foot. Better stick to peas, or beans.

If you HAVE broken something, they won't be able to do much until the swelling goes down a bit. They can splint it, find out what is wrong so you will KNOW, and not do anything stupid to it. Is there someone who can mind Aubrey (or bring her to the hospital with you) while you get checked out? If you're to be there for Nichole as well, you will need to be in as good condition as you can. Do you know someone with a walking stick or crutches you can borrow? I get people often asking if they can borrow my spare crutches. Or you could put Aubrey in a stroller and use it as a walking frame (been there done that).

Here's hoping you haven't done too much damage. Ice it for now, it should do the best possible for reducing your healing time. I have a hunch you will need to be fit.


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Good grief Lisa - I am glad the baby is ok and you don't give her back until one or both gets some serious counceling.



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Any word on your foot? I hope that you have had it looked at! I'm sure that it felt wonderful to finally cut loose on both of them as to how you felt about what idiots they are being. He beats her up and she's immature? Go figure!

Honestly, now that things have calmed down, I would make it clear to them in no uncertain terms that if you ever even suspect that he is manhandling Nicole again you will call the police and let them sort it out. It's a felony to beat mom up in front of the kids. Nicole would probably be made to go to parenting classes at the very least. And it wouldn't be anything to do with you, only her own poor choices.

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Seems b/f and Nichole are "taking a break" she tells me today. Honestly, I'm hoping it is truely over. Nichole is no angel by far, and has her own guilt in this relationship make no mistake. But 3 plus yrs of Jerko's manipulation has the girl convinced it is all HER fault. If she wasn't crazy everything would be hunky dory.

Gag me. :faint:

I can't get her to open up. Best friend N can't get her to open up. Maybe that will come with time. I'm not trying to hard right now. Just playing it by ear.

Sat down to have my coffee this morning to look up and see Jerko at the front door. Gave him the Mom Look of Death. He got off the porch fast (lol) and Nichole followed to his car. He was giving her an excuse as to way he couldn't give her the child support he promised yesterday. He did however bring it by a short while ago, and didn't try coming onto the porch. :grin:

I warned him yesterday that compared to ME Nichole is a little fishy in the pond. :grrr:

Oh, well. sigh

On to the foot. I haven't gotten it checked. No insurance doesn't make me eager to go. But it is much better today, although still swollen some and ugly bruise, I can walk on it even if it looks pathetic. lol So I think it's just a soft tissue injury, not a break. (thank God)

Nichole is currently at wallie world with N spending the "child support" on things for the baby b/f has put off for ages. At least she isn't sitting around stewing. Or worse. And has a psychiatrist appoint in a few days.