Nichole/boyfriend Update

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Big surprise, they got back together after I think a day and a half. But both have supposedly thought about what I "said" to them and are really working on talking to each other instead of fighting with each other. It's been a whole week and no fight. Whoohoo. Guess that's a record. :rolleyes:

Yesterday they went out to breakfast and got into a car accident on the way home. They had stopped with traffic, lady in the car behind them was paying attention to her cell phone instead of the road and plowed into them at 40mph. No one was hurt, thankfully. But it pushed b/fs trunk up to the backseat and the car is totaled. Carseat had to be thrown out because the saftey straps were snapped. (cop told them to)

Evidently Nichole had jumped out of the car in full blown rage and went after the woman. Calmed down and apologized once she realized the baby was ok. (baby was screaming her head off)

Today was Nichole's psychiatrist appoint. I think at times it might be time to look into another psychiatrist. This one seems way to hesitant to increase Nichole's medications. The girl is manic. I know manic. Good grief in 3 months time she's adopted 6 pets! The latest is a darn gueanie pig! (which will be sold in the yard sale)

Nichole told psychiatrist about the fighting and how she thinks it's because her medications need adjusted. psychiatrist said she didn't like seeing Nichole taking all the blame for the fighting and the blame being placed on her BiPolar (BP). (I agree) They talked about it for awhile and psychiatrist arranged for Nichole to see a therapist. If she goes kuddos to the psychiatrist cuz Nichole doesn't like tdocs. Oh, well. It would be nice if she'd see one and maybe someone else could convince her that all this drama with b/f is NOT her fault.

So no medication change. Which although I don't think it has anything to do with b/f, I still think she needs. Not a big change, just a tweak.

If Nichole brings anymore animals home I'm going to ship them to psychiatrists house. :devil:

My foot is in good shape. I can walk fine on it now, it's just a bit tender on the top.


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Do you have access to another psychiatrist? I also think it may be time. Yes Nicole may need therapy also but it does sound like a tweak is in order. Heavens, I can need therapy and be hypomanic at the same They have certainly increased my medications while in therapy.

By the way, tell Nicole I have a couple of adorable kittens Im trying to get rid of if she would like to adopt


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Such an immature relationship with alot of very mature responsibilities. I guess they are doing their best. Perhaps you should offer more insight to how they should be treating each other.

I am glad your foot is OK!


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I am shaking my head here at the whole scene. seems sometimes our difficult children get into more situations and accidents even when it is not their fault. their lives can be totally chaotic.

hope the foot continues to heal well.


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I know how you feel about the relationship, believe me......

There is hope though. First thing you have to do, which took me a long long time, is detatch yourself totally from their relationship. It got to a point where I wouldn't even discuss wingnut with my difficult child. You can do nothing to change their relationhip, but you can change the way you choose to deal with it.

There is hope, like I said. My difficult child found a wonderful girl and wingnut is finally out of his life.

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Bite your tongue Janet. Nichole would take a kitten in a heartbeat. She tried to get me to take in a little stray one a few days ago. :slap: Post your kittens on freecycle and on Craig's List. You should find good homes for them fairly easily. That's how I find homes for all these new additions Nichole keeps bringing home. I'm starting to feel like an animal adoption agency. lol

Karen I keep your difficult child's relationship with wingnut in mind when it comes to Nichole and b/f. It gives me hope that Nichole will come to her senses.


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Hi Lisa,
I read of the drama going on not long ago between daughter and b/f. I hope seeing a therapist will convince her too.
Sorry you have so many animals coming your way these days. Has your daughter only recently started this behavior?

Glad no one was hurt in the accident, they sure do attract drama these difficult child's! Oh and glad your foot is getting better too.
Take it easy,