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My 7 yr old has been having alot of nightmares lately and has always been very scared of ghosts and monsters. He wants an escort everywhere and started crying today when we left him alone in his room. We have "boo away" spray (a spray bottle with water in it) and nightlights, music (lullabyes he listens to at night) and his teddy but he is still scared.

Any suggestions???


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Does he remember the nightmares? If so, what are they like? Are they gory or more typical nightmares? First thing is to limit all scary books, video games, tv shows & movies immediately. You may want to consider having him bunk with you for a while, but that may end up being a difficult habit to break later. How about if you set up a baby monitor so he knows you'll hear him if he has a problem? In addition, you may want to tighten up his bedtime routine so he can be comforted by the routine.
Any chance he could have anxiety?


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Well, one thing that our oldest difficult child went through before she moved in with us, and for a few months after she moved in with us was the nightmares. The doctors had her taking a very small dose of Clonodine (.1mg) and that really seemed to help. And now the nightmares are gone and she doesn't have to take it anymore.

For my little one, the 5 yo, she went through the monster scared phase, and we did the spray thing, but when that stopped working, I rushed to the store and bought the movie Monsters Inc. Once she watched that and seen how goofy the mosters were and how they ended up LIKING the children, she wasn't scared anymore.

I am sure that won't work on ALL kids, but it seemed to with might be worth a shot...
I had "monster spray" for my first daughter. I had forgotten all about that until you mentioned that, Stef!

With Tink, we have a dream catcher. We "empty it out" every night by tapping it against the garbage can. Also a night light.

Limit ALL TV for awhile. Lots of interactive play between you and the child. Read to him often (of course, nothing scary). As annoying as it gets...and it might get annoying...don't let him see your frustration at needing an escort everywhere. Don't tell him that he is being silly. But you can explain to him that dreams can't hurt him.

Another thing that works is if he feels like he has control over his dreams. If he can explain them to you, have him draw them. Once they are in black and white, it takes the power out of them.

Good luck!

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I was a very lucky parent. None of mine went thru this sort of thing.

I'd try eliminating all scarey/violent stimuli.... tv shows, video games ect. And since he's 7 BBK's suggestion about the Disney movie Monsters might help a bit. Kind of gives them a goofiness that helps a child laugh at the whole thing.

Darrin the grandson is going thru it now. I like the idea of the monster spray. I'll tell easy child about it. Can't do the movie, already tried that and it made it worse. I think he is too young to "get it".



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I had nightmares as a child and I still do, but not as much. I didn't learn until I was an adult that my mother also suffered from nightmares until after she went through menopause. I still get spooked if I hear noises at night.

When I was very young, I made up a friend I called "Baby Ghost". BG went with me at night, or during the day when I had to go to more deserted parts of the house. He was a ghost that was a baby so he protected me from the grown up ghosts. I knew he wasn't real, but he was like a part of me that was brave and I could call upon when needed. Then again, when I went to the bathroom he had to wait outside the door because he was a boy. :wink: As I got older my disbelief and older brothers and sisters who chastised instead of supported me made Baby Ghost less of a help.

I know that I have always been a very light sleeper, and I think this doesn't help. I wish I had more advice. Nightmares are awful.


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well... he doesnt watch too much T.V maybe an hour or two a week. The scary things were from books he was reading. I took those away. he has nightlights and radio. I have the baby monitor and he is on Celexa for anxiety. He is still afraid to go anywhere by himself though. I will try to dream catcher. That sounds like a good idea. We also pray alot and that helps. He has seen the monsters inc movie and we have one called where is god when I am scared (Veggie Tales). I will break them out this weekend.
Thanks for the suggestions,.


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I made "monster B Gone" for my nephew, and used it for each of my kids as well. My nephew was told by his mom that mosters under his bed would get him if he got up in hte night. She was tired of him wandering hte house and coming in and interuppting mom and dad's special time.

They ended up with bedwetting and nightmares for months!! (serves her right, in my opinion). I gave him a mix of essential oil and water in a spray bottle. Told him only I could make it because it was a special recipe my relatives had passed down for centuries. He is nephew by husband's sister, so he bought it. It was the first time he ever warmed up to me (I "stole" Uncle L from him, and introduced a BABY to take uncle L's attention - horrors to the kid who invited uncle L to birthday parties, etc...)

Nephew would spray the stuff before he got out of bed to go potty, before he got into bed, and anytime he got scared. Basically any thing you can add to water to give it a mild scent will work. But lavendar is in baby wash and other things so it is not as "magical". I think I used cinnamon oil the first time.

So sorry about the nightmares.



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I dealt with this last night. Ducky had been up 38 hours without sleep. The night before, he took his clonidine 0.3mg and the darn thing didnt work. Last night he was in the middle of a terrible dream. He was crying, eyes open and talking very short sentences with me, but he was still asleep. I tried everything I knew to try and wake him up, however he just kept sleeping and going through the nightmare. Ducky also was a sleepwalker before the clonidine. I am requesting a sleep study on him.

We also had given him a special flashlight to keep in bed with him. He had his own spray, but that only works for a few years. I also use spray lavender and use lavender downey on his bedding.

Both Ducky and Peanut sleep with me in the living room. They wont sleep in their bedroom at all. I hope you can use some of the things others on here have used. I know how frustrating it is when you cant console your own child.