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Im still sick, tired, issues with grandpa, dad, Aunt neighbors, sister... Holidays coming up not happy. Now add daughter and son. Daughters mad I let son play computer first- she was in bed. Son been moody,demanding, throwing down vacuum, spraying water on my computer now slamming his door over and over again.... since he woke up. I been sick over 2 weeks now ( cold) and son wont take clonidine like he should.. theres a patch right? I wonder if it releases all day like the daytrana which he isnt on either ...

Ill be glad if anything ever calms him... helps him control his anger... it will be my lottery for both my kids and grandpa to get the help they need..and even dad to get the help or miracles they need. Then, and only then will I find a little peace and I pray some happiness instead of living in this Zombie state.

Just venting.....


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Confused, I pray that you get a break, a long break. I hope your kids and dad get all the help they need. Is there anybody around to give you some relief for a few days?

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Sorry to hear things remain so rough. He reminds me a lot of my son at that age so I know how exhausted you must be especially with being sick. ((((hugs))))


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Thanks everyone. No, I dont have anyone really. I mean, one friend but she cant help with my grandpa because she has her own elderly mom and daughter.. I briefly thought of Dr Phil :p but I wouldnt be on TV so no. Besides, I know once I get the report back and continued help.. Its bound to all settle a bit like you all said. Thank you Insane, Guide,bby and Wiped, I feel better relaxed today. See I knew you all would understand!