Not Sure If I Should Be Concerned

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Bunny, Mar 23, 2015.

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    Easy Child gets what I called "the barky cough" a couple of times a year. He has a nebulizer and I have Albuterol and Pulmacort for the times when he needs it.

    This morning I got up to take my shower and I found, floating in the toilet bowl, two empty vials of Albuterol. I questioned Difficult Child, but, of course, his reply was, "I didn't do it! Why do you always think it's me?" Why do I always think it's him when something happens? Is he really asking me that question? But I digress.

    I did question Easy Child about it, and he also denied taking them. I moved them for now, but I think I have to find a different place to keep them.

    Difficult Child is almost 16. I know high school kids experiment with things that we parents would rather they didn't, but is this something I should be REALLY concerned about? Is this just normal experimentation, or a staring point to something bigger?
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    To me, and not all teens do it, but experimenting in the typical way is usually with a group of friends and drinking or pot. I would be concerned a lot if it was me. And "someone else did it" is the normal lack of logical response of drug users. I feel for you. My daughter started using drugs at twelve and it's so hard when they are so young. However, we also have time to help them stop when they are young. My daughter quit at 19. I didn't know it. Has your son ever experimented with drugs in the past that you know of?

    I know how you feel and am so sorry.
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    As far as I know he hasn't used in the past. He's been hospitalized twice and was drug tested both times, and both times he came up clean. He never goes anywhere, so if he's using he's at home. We don't have any kind of prescribed narcotics in the house.
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    And I also have a call in to the therapist. I'm waiting for him to get back to me.
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    When mental health issues are present, there is no such thing as "experimentation". You may not be able to stop him from using ( if he is) but you can make it harder for him to do so. I think that involving the therapist is a very wise move.