Not sure what the school can offer????


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I have been riding the school to get Tyler's evaluation done. Nothing happened when the teacher and I were requesting the evaluation (via certified letter). I started emailing and sending letters up the chain. I just got an email saying that the SD psychologist and the interns from the local college are meeting to see "What they have to offer thank you"?????

I was specific in my requests. thank you shows some real red flags, toe walking, hand flapping, other stimming, shirt chewing to the point of holes in his shirts by lunch, etc...

His class has 23 students and a first year teacher. The teacher is amazing with the kids, hasn't had time to get burnt out. This is a large class for our district (And I know we are lucky to be in a district where 23 students is a large class!)

thank you's problems don't cause a major classroom disruption. But if I don't keep him home 1 day a week he is in total cry and stimulant mode all Fri and Sat.

We work with his sensory diet, try to do the stuff we know helps, avoid his diet triggers, etc...

But what the heck does the school mean by "What they have to offer"?? I asked for Occupational Therapist (OT) and a full FBA. He is functioning fine at classroom level, but way below HIS level by Thurs morning. And this is with me driving him to school. If he has to take the bus (75 mins in the morning, 20 in the afternoon), then he is out of coping ability by Tuesday afternoon.

Please help me figure out how to specifically phrase what they need to do.




Hmmmm..... Not a good sign. They are trying to go around your letter requesting the evaluations.

Take all, part or none of the following:

Via email
Via Certified Mail No# ____________

February 18, 2007

Dear School psychiatric:

We received your email dated______. We very much appreciate any additional interim assistance XISD can provide to difficult child pending completion of the Full and Initial Evaluation in conjunction with IDEA 2004 as requested by our letter dated ________.

It’s my understanding the evaluation report(s) must be completed within 60 day from (date of your letter). We will need a copy of the report(s) at least five days before the IEP eligibility meeting.

Again, thank you.


Attachment: Your original letter requesting evaluations


by the way, when asking for reports prior to an IEP meeting, I've been told that the can't give them to me because I wouldn't understand them.

Frankly, the majority of parents do not have the appropriate training and background to interpret evaluation reports while sitting in an IEP meeting with-4 - 15 people talking. However, in order to participate meaningfully in an IEP meeting, the parent must understand what the reports say.

So, if the sd doesn't want to release the reports, I strongly recommend that you set up a meeting with the diagnostician or other appropriate sd professional far enough in advance of the IEP meeting so they can explain it to you -- even if you are just going through the motions. Then take it/them home with you.


I totally and 100% agree with Sheila. I might add that they probably think they will try RTI for a while. Your certified letter constitutes a request for an evaluation that starts the time-line. The regs for the 2004 law addressed the issue of "extra time" to do RTI, and it was not approved. With all the red flags, they have no choice but to evaluate.

ALL parents MUST see reports ahead of time. If you meet with someone, then they must release--it's in the law. No one can read a report and participate in a discussion at the same time. I never had a problem getting a direct mail release but I know other parents may have hurdles. Don't go to a qualifiction meeting if you have not seen the reports.



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Martie and Sheila you are so right about needing the reports ahead of time. Even if the diagnostician meets with you to "explain" the reports, you still need the report so you can read through it and do your own research as to what it means before the IEP meeting. I also know that even though I had it written into the IEP when the re-evaluation was requested that I would get the report before the next IEP meeting, the diagnostician wanted to meet to go over that report just two days prior to the IEP meeting. I requested that I have it before the next appointment with my daughter's psychologist, and the diagnostician did set up an earlier appointment. However, I wasn't given all the information and had to request subtest data to understand things better. Had I agreed to getting the report two days before the IEP meeting, I could not have gotten all the information nor found out the significance of the additional data not originally released to me. It is my experience that diagnosticians, because they work for the SD, will put whatever spin on the report that the SD is supporting. So, sometimes what the diagnostician is telling you may not be the full story. I know that was the case in both evaluations done by the SD for my daughter.



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Don't know if this is the case in every state, but in NJ we have to be provided with copies of the evaluation reports and documentation and information at least 10 days prior to the meeting. Special Services actually sends the law code or whatever they call it as their cover letter.