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Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by Ally, May 28, 2007.

  1. Ally

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    difficult child seems to be doing very well. She has gone to live with her dad in a town in Northern BC, quite far from where I am. I talk to her everyday atleast once, she is awesome on the phone, doesnt try to argue. I think that she may finally be getting it (God I hope so). She has been there since the 19th of May and is yet to find a job. She thought that she might have one at a fast food place but never heard back from them, and because of that was the only place that she applied. Part of her probation is that she either has to go to school, or seek and maintain employment so she doesnt have much of a choice because she doesnt want to go to school, which if fine because until she wants to, she wont do well. Her dad is taking her out this morning to look for work, there is a real shortage of employees where she is, so Im thinking it wont be too hard. I am really excited about this and am keeping my fingers crossed that it works.

    On another note, she went into a Tim Hortons and saw how crazy busy it was and realized that she couldnt work there because she would get far too overwhelmed and not cope at all. Gotta be a sign of coming maturity.

  2. Suz

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    A bit of a honeymoon might be going on so don't be surprised if she slips some, Ally. Fingers crossed that she finds a job she likes and all goes well.
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    Yes it is a sign if she admitted ahead of time that the place was too hectic for her to handle.

    Hope she finds work soon.

    Take care of yourself while she is away
  4. Scent of Cedar I

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    Wishing well, Ally.

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    Sounds like she's in a good place. Hopefully she'll find employment soon and do well in her new life :smile:
  6. Sunlight

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    Ally I am glad you sound relaxed while she is figuring out her career path. glad also her dad is helping.
  7. Ally

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    I dont know how much help her dad is but she got a job yesterday working at Canadian Tire for $10/hr. I am thrilled and so is she. She started today and is working 12:30 - 9:30 which is perfect as she doesnt particularly like to get up in the am (who does??) and it takes up the majority of her dad and she has to be in my 10 pm, so really, its almost perfect.

    Her step-mom told me that she thinks that Morgan had been in their room as there was a roach missing from the bathroom. I had to say "No Comment" because if you are going to have things like that laying around with a kid like her in the house, what do you expect is going to happen. (Yes I know that she shouldnt have been in her dads room but lets try setting a good example)

    Thanks for all the good wishes!!