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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Bunny, Jan 30, 2012.

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    So I was thinking about the last few weeks with difficult child and I noticed that a pattern is emerging. He always seems to have a bad day on Tuesdays. Why Tuesdays? I think it's because he has to go to religion on Tuesdays. He hates going, and he hates even more that we make him go. I've tried explaining to him that I went, his dad went, all his aunts and uncles went, and none of us liked it either. Also, the religion year ends at the end of March, so only about 8 more week left (actually 7 because they are off one week in February). Our church does Confirmation in the fall, so next year when religion starts up again he will only have to go from the beginning of October until whenever they schedule Confirmation day for.

    This morning I told husband that he can no long work late on Tuesdays. Leave work on time and get home. Once religion is over I will re-evaluate how things are going.
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    I quit forcing difficult child 1 to go to religion classes. It was making no sense to him at all and it wasn't fair to him to force him to go. I was setting him up for failure. You need to decide what is REALLY important.
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    Sorry, Bunny, I couldn't help laughing when I read this - must be a bit of a weak argument in your son's eyes :)
    I was taking J to a Koranic/Arabic class on Sundays. He also didn't like it and after the Christmas break, strongly protested about going back. Pleaded and cried. It was very long - two hours - and very boring. I accepted that he not go, though I did say we would find another class when he is older.
    Where are all these fun religion classes, then? Children should feel JOYFUL about religion!
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    The class is only an hour long. He's gotten worse about as the year has gone on. The religion teacher thinks he's an angel. Surprise, surprise, surprise!
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    Well... an angel has no need of religion lessons, surely :)