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    So last night difficult child snuck out to meet his friend, D. husband went to check on difficult child at 1am and he was gone. We both called him and he would not answer his cell. I texted him and told him if he was not home in 10 minutes I was going to call the police. He walked in the door in 10minutes. Said he went as D called him and wanted to talk to him as he was upset as his parents are getting divorced. My cigarrettes were missing, difficult child denied taking them but he had one in his pocket. huh, wonder where they went????? D smokes and apparently difficult child does too. Now I get to sleep with my cigarrettes under my mattress.

    So psychiatrist ordered a drug test today. Last night difficult child denied doing any drugs. When husband took him for his drug test? difficult child admitted he took one puff. When they walked into the clinic to get the test? He said he smoked a bowl with D.

    difficult child also sold one of our laptops to D for $4! Why wouldn't the parents question that? They did not even think they should return it!

    husband went over to talk to D's mom? She blamed everything on difficult child! Now he is not blameless by anymeans, but it was the two boys, not just difficult child! difficult child left in tears and she tried to get him to stay and husband told her that was enough. She was saying she should take difficult child to work with her so he can learn to earn a dollar! All the while saying that he son is completely innocent!

    And husband found several empty cigarrette packs in the back yard.

    Yep, hospitalization could be in the near future!
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    At least he did come home before the time limit was up. Sounds like his friend needs help, too.
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    The other boy has lots of issues.he just got home from about two years or so in foster homes and Residential Treatment Center (RTC)'s.
  4. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Wow. I think the other difficult child needs to be kept at arms length -- definitely not a positive force for your difficult child.

    I'm so sorry, CM. I can imagine you're tearing your hair out about now...
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    Every time my difficult child snuck out it she always had some excuse to make it sound like she was doing a friend a favor. It was always "to be there" for who ever at the time. Truth was she wanted to be out with the other kids having a good time. I couldn't believe the amount of kids that were sneaking out in the middle of the night! It would be a group of them just hanging out in the subdivision. I don't even know if they actually did anything, or if it was just the thrill of sneaking out...we ended up putting an alarm system on every window and door of the house - even the garage! She still somehow found a way to get out...
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    I have him an extra 5mg of abilify to make sure he slept as I needed to sleep. it worked.......but he is still really wound up
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    I have difficult child an extra 5mg of abilify and he still sounds pretty wound up. I am waiting until I go get him for his np evaluation and will call psychiatrist after. Might wait untill the last portion of his np is done on thurs to call her and do medication changes. It will just depend on how he is and if the np can even do the evaluation
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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    I'm going to guess that he either needs the Lamictal bumped up or he needs to be switched to something like Depakote. Cuz he still sounds manic the way my difficult child 2 was pre-Depakote. Keep us posted!