now ready for my own spring break melt down...

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    We all went to the theme park together today. I let difficult child have my cell phone so she could call husband and I and vice versa as she and little sis do the rides, and husband and I do the shows. She was wearing a pair of shorts that have zippered pockets in the front. So the phone was zipped in her pocket. We were to meet at 3:30 and decide what to do next... she calls and they are in line for a ride. So they are to meet us while we watch the show. They get there, then they decide to do more rides and husband and I did other things. Meet back at the front at 6pm. I can tell by the look on her face that something is wrong. On the last ride... a big rollercoaster... she felt something hit her arm... and when she got off the ride, she realized the phone was missing. Luckily, the phone was a cheap flip prepaid phone... but it is still no fun to have to replace it.

    The first words out of her mouth was "I had it in my zipped pocket and it fell out" And I corrected her... "you mean you had it in the pocket with a zipper and it wasn't zipped..." Yep. I should have given it to little sis, but then difficult child would tell me it's not fair, I am older, yadayada...

    I do feel a little better about the fact that this morning I wouldn't let her take little sis's iPod... even though little sis said it was OK... I should have never given it to her. But, I did put a sticky note on the back on it with husband's cell number. I reported it to the lost and found and she said that employees walk the perimeter under the rollercoaster after the park closes, so there is a chance it might be found. But difficult child turned it to vibrate so that decreases the chance of finding it.

    We head home in the morning. easy child has packed up her suitcase and is ready. difficult child, has clothes strewn all over their side of the condo. New clothes, dirty clothes, clean clothes, in the kitchen, the bathroom, the living room and of course, the bedroom. Tomorrow, I hope they both sleep most the way home. KSM
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    You do need a weekend by yourself after that!
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    I hope the car ride home is quiet and uneventful. I'm glad that break is over. Now, I think you need a break!!