NYE spent in the ER with easy child T

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    :happy_new_year: Happy New Year Everyone!! :happy_new_year:

    Well, I certainly hope the saying that what you are doing at midnight on NYE is what you will be doing all year long is not true. We ushered in the New Year sitting in the local ER with easy child T, who had her first migraine. She has had a headache for a couple days now, but I thought it was due to her horrible cough. We were at the DR this AM and had chest xrays, but they looked at them in the ER and they were clear. She has bronchitis, and a "minor" migraine. in my humble opinion, no migraine is ever minor, but since she wasn't vomiting, they consider it a minor one. They gave her 800 MG ibuprofen and a Tylenol 3, and sent us home with a prescription for more Tylenol 3. I feel so bad for her. She doesn't complain much, since her ACM surgery in 04, she hasn't had bad headaches, so when she came to me crying I knew something was wrong. At around 10 PM she told me her vision was blurry. Off to the ER we went. Not what I wanted to do on NYE, but luckily we got there about 11:30 and it was still quiet. We were out by 12:30 and the place was just starting to fill up, so we got out before all the drunks started to hurt themselves LOL.

    Hope everyone had a happy and safe NYE!!!

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    I am glad you are all home safe. Is Tylenol 3 a norm to give for migranes? Be very careful with giving it. Document the time and strength that you give and refer to the document before giving the next dose. (I always have a hard time remembering when I gave what so I always write every dose down to be sure I don't give too soon. Sometimes after I give a dose, I will write down the time of the next dose so that I am not refiguring it every time I look at it.)

    I am with you that no migrane that gives that much pain is a minor one.

    You should get her into her doctor ASAP to follow up with the ER. ER's normally just make sure someone is stable, they don't address long term care so a visit to her doctor will even better address her migranes.

    I hope 2009 brings better moments to you and all in your home.
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    I don't think it is common to give Tylenol 3's for migraine. I'm calling her pediatrician on Friday AM. I take Tylenol 3's for my migraines now, but only because I can't take my Max-Alt because of the pregnancy. I personally don't think that it does much for the pain, but it did knock her out, so hopefully when she wakes up in the morning the migraine is gone. We also have an appointment with her dev. pediatrician in 2 weeks, and I'll talk to her about the migraines also. I'm sure she will order another MRI to make sure the ACM isn't getting worse again.

    I did kind of get the feeling that they wanted us out of the ER tonight quickly, but I'm sure that by now they are packed. As long as she isn't in such severe pain, I can live with the Tylenol 3 until we see her reg DR or the dev. pediatrician. I just hate to see her in such pain.

    I will definitely write down when I give her the Tylenol. I really want to use it as sparingly as possible. I'm not a big fan of kids getting narcotics :(

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    Tylenol 3 isn't commonly given for migraines. However, it's probably all the ER doctor was comfortable prescribing her for pain. Tylenol 3 is fairly mild as far as pain relievers go. Although it will most likely make her drowsy enough to sleep, even if it doesn't knock the pain out completely.

    Not the best start to the new year, but at least you have the migrain documented for the pediatrician doctor.

    Hope easy child feels better soon. I have to agree, there really isn't any such thing as a "mild" migraine.

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    My difficult child gets Tylenol #3 for his migranes. He gets that from his pediatrician. When we go to the hospital he gets an IV of Tordel that works and by the time we leave his headache is gone.
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    Thanks all. She slept until 11 AM. She says she still has a little bit of the headache but nothing like last night. I told her not to play with her new Nintendo DS today, see if that helps. It is time to go get her eyes checked, so I'll make that call Friday also.

  7. gcvmom

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    So sorry your night was spent in the ER! Hope her pediatrician can help figure things out. Did she have any sinus congestion with the bronchitis? Just wondering if it could have been a really bad sinus headache. I had to take husband to the ER once because of that -- his pain from the sinus infection was about an 8.
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    I wondered about the same thing, because I have horrible sinus headaches. Her pain was in the top and back of her head though, not in the face and front. I did give her Sudafed to see if it helped, and it didn't make a difference. I'm just not sure.