o.k. Daisylover, now I have a glimor of hope


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My easy child daughter said she ran into an old friend of difficult child's at subway last night who told her she saw wingnut, a.k.a difficult child's girlfriend, with another guy!!!!

I can only hope it's true. I have a feeling now that the baby isn't his she will move on to someone else fairly quickly. difficult child works full time, lives in another town and she doesn't work and has a lot of time on her hands.

Let's hold hands and pray together that our difficult child's are finally catching on and we can celebrate together when they move on to bigger and better things!!!

It's funny because I mentioned something to difficult child the other day about wingnut and his response was, I don't give a you know what, so I kind of thought something was going on. I try not to get too excited, but then again, I can't help it.


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I'm keeping my fingers crossed wingnut is moving on. I wondered if she would once the parentage of the baby was known for certain.

I'm almost afraid to hope too. But I sure hope our kids are finally seeing a clearer picture. That certainly would be reason to celebrate. :grin: :smile:


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Congratulations, I sure hope this rubs off! I need mine to see what a mess she is making with her life. No such luck, so far. I hope yours are moving along to better.


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I'm trying not to really put to much stock in the fact that it's over just because she was seen with another guy, because hello, she had someone elses baby and he still continued to see her. I have figured out that she will never do anything wrong enough for him to leave her, I just have to hope that she moves on and leaves him, which I have a feeling will happen eventually.

Lets all keep our fingers crossed that wingnut finds another victim.


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Well Cory "claims" to be done with wingnut#2 but we shall see. She has yet to call me to ask about him unless she is calling for another reason such as to ask me if I will babysit.

Oh yeah...she did call and throw a fit because when she moved out on the 1st of April she left some Blockbuster Movies behind that were rented on her card. Wouldnt one think that she would have been sure to take those and return them? I sure would have!

Evidently she has been getting calls at her moms because they are overdue and she is mad because Cory hasnt returned them. Well uh...Cory is a bit tied up at the moment! She should have done this. She thinks he should be the one to pay the late charges. I dont think so. Her card...her late charges. Stupid girl.

Heck if she had called me earlier in the month I would have found them but she didnt. She has also been here several times to pick up her stuff and didnt get the movies. Dumb dumb dumb.