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My 8yo. son was just recently dxd. with having ODD. this was the initial dxd. since then he has also been dxd. with ADHD, Tourette's Syndrome, and depression. from the time my son was 1yo. he has always been defiant and uncooperative. he would never take no as answer he had to always find out the hard way. for example, when he was at the wonderful age of getting into things and nothing was sacred. the wonderful toddler years. he was constantely corious about electrical outlets. I tried everything to keep him away from them. I even put in those plugs. no matter how hard I tried to discourage him from playing with them, he always tried. he even learned how to pull the plugs out. the only way he finally learned that they were "hot" was to finally get shocked. thank-God it wasn't a bad shock, but he learned to stay away from them. he would also constantly fight being in a shooping cart and would scream and throw temper tantrums till you finally caved in and let him out. then he would take off and hide. so I bought a wrist leash to keep him close, that didn't work. he figured out how to get it off and bam was gone. so I finally had to get a harness leash that he couldn't get out of. I had to keep a leash on him till he was almost 5yo. I was constantly being told he's just being boy and it's normal, he'll grow out of it. well he never did. instead he became even more defiant. when he is asked to do something he throws a fit and gives me 15 excuses as to why he can't do it. once he's made to do what was asked he screams, throws things,and says how much he hated us. he growls and moans and is just plain nasty to be around. he loves to annoy the heck out of people, the more you ask him to stop what he's doing the more he keeps at it. but don't annoy him or you'll never hear the end of it. he loves his little sisters but he thinks they should be more grown up. I try to explain to him they are just babies and they are only acting their age. so, he tells me, they should know better. Him and his big sister do not get along very well. they both like to push each others buttons. they are always arguing, usually over petty stuff and I'm always having to referee. he loves to argue with you and always seems to know it all. he interupts conversations and when you ask him to please not interupt he gets mad and starts screaming, "fine, you never listen to me."and gets mad and throws a fit right then and there, he'll stomp off into his bedroom and starts throwing things around. he keeps the house turned upside down and constantly stressed. he fights getting up and going to school, but he's always up by 7:00 on days he can sleep in and he has to make sure everyone else is up too. he comes home throws his stuff down and takes off to god knows where and will stay gone till dark if I don't go out looking for him. he drags his feet and always complains of being tired if we need to go somewhere. he doesn't want to go to the store, but once there you can't get him to leave. he has to have every toy on the shelf and gets mad and stomps off if you tell him not now. he has even made big scenes right in the middle of the store, making me feel about an inch high. I hate taking him anywhere because I know he may not always behave. He's been doing pretty good in school and we have been fortunate to have teachers who have worked with him when he starts to get upset. he has only a small handful of friends that is always on again off again. he gets mad if they don't want to play his games or play the games his way. he's usually pretty good with people he doesn't know very well, but once he does he defies everything they say and has even thrown fits for them and tried to runaway. but since we got him dxd. and on some medications, welbutrin sr 100mg. 2xs a day and risperdal 1mg. 1/2 tablets 2xs a day he's been improving a lot. he listens a lot better, still likes to argue and tell us we are wrong, minds a lot more and has fewer fits. I also followed some advice from people on the board and started setting consiquences too. he was recently been aloud to pick a cat out of the pound and was told this was for behaving much better, however he still has to mind and take care of his cat, or the cat goes. so far so good. we are starting to have some peace around the house and things are going much better. he's happy we are happy, the babies don't whine and fuss as much because the stress levels are down to almost nill. well this is the story of my 8yo. difficult child and all that we have lived with and accomplished. if you need anymore info. please contact me via e-mail.

De De a.ka. thank you's mom > mother of 4 beautiful kids // 3 girls & 1 boy > ages 12, 8, 3 & 1 // 8yr. old son ODD, ADHD, tourettes, & depression on Welbutrin SR 100mg 2x's daily now also on Risperdal 1mg. taking 1/2 tablet daily. >> married to a wonderful man ( old highschool sweetheart > took 7 yrs. to get back together since we last dated) for 6 1/2 yrs.
one of my own quotes: Everyone walks a tightrope, but it's the ones that are in balance with life that stay up.

TAKE CARE and GOD BLESS may we all stay in balance!!!

ODD. I like to think of it as the hitting and destruction disorder. Please take a trip to our daughter's bedroom. She has holes in the oak door, holes in the walls, writing on the wall in permanent ink, writing on the carpeting, etc. It looks like a gangsters hideout. My daughter's ODD became obvious the night she decided to sit in the parking lot aisle at a resturant we were eating at. When I picked her up and put her into the car , she started hitting me, I actually hit her back I was so frustrated with her beahavior. She started screaming and would not stop. When we got home, I locked herinto her room and said Mom and Ari both need to calm down please unwind. Less than five minutes later, she came in the front door of our house crying. I went to her and suddenly realized that she was not behind the locked bedroom door. She tells me she jumped out the window of the second floor in our house and her feet hurt. I start screaming thinking she is injured and run her to the car and drive to the hospital. Within a half hour, she is calling me names and hitting me. The docotr offers a therapist and I tell him in a flat voice we already have one and it is not doing any good. Why didn't me send her to psychiatric? ODD-parents are always wrong, the kid will always find an out to punishment, they are an emotional sucking machine and no one knows how to handle them or help the parent except another parent with an ODD kid.