odd things the pre-schoolers say


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"Nick called me a 'barn-head!'"

"My mommy is drunk." (She wasn't.)

"My mom is dead!" (She isn't.)

one child to another: "Welcome, King James!"

teacher: "Why are you sitting there?" (on the playground)
child: "I'm waiting for honey to get off the swing."

my personal favorite: "My cat farted on its tongue." (I totally lost it on that one.)


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I wonder what a "barn-head" is???? :faint: Where do they come up with this stuff???

When my son was in second grade, they started to give the kids "demerits" for any kind of misbehavior. Of course, most of them had no earthly idea what a "demerit" was, and could have cared less if they got one! My son did really well for a long time, and then one day his teacher tried to tell us that he had gotten his first demerit ... it took her a long time to get it out because she couldn't stop giggling ... he had called another little boy a "f*rt bucket" and she heard him! And then she had to try to be serious and not laugh when she told him he had just earned his very first demerit! I had no idea he used such language! :blush: Before that, the worst name I had ever heard him call anybody was "doo-doo head"! We have tried to live with the shame and humiliation, but it's not easy!

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easy child once called a neighborhood boy a "Poopenator". Kinda like a crappy terminator, maybe? Don't have any clue, but as I was telling her it was not nice to call people names, I was secretly laughing my head off. This is something like 3 or 4 years ago and I still think about it from time to time.

In kindergarten, difficult child told a classmate to "shut your cake hole". Teacher called to tell me, but even she had to laugh. We have no idea where he heard it - certainly wasn't something I was saying to husband, although . . . . . :grin: