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    I missed difficult child's therapist appointment today. That's really bad- it's the second I missed him getting him to and he's only been seeing this therapist a month. It's bad. I was on the phone all morning with people about difficult child and I totally forgot about it- we hung around here a little while and ate luch then went to the pharmacy, ran a couple of other errands, I went to the office (took difficult child with me) then grocery shopping. When I came home, there was a message from therapist.

    difficult child is just full of disrespect tonight. Not as bad as it could be- no violence as of yet but he's on the verge of raging- he's trying to intimadate me. I can't tell you how well that sits with me. Now he's walking around with a knife that he apparently had hidden- out the front door- back to his bedroom....oh boy...makes me wish I had re-thought things yesterday.

    I went back to Terry's thread and read all of that article. That family was evidently on medicaid before things got to that point- they would have to be to get that amount of help in this state without being rich or knowing someone inside the system. They think they are scr**ed- they have no idea how little help they'd be getting without the medicaid. I am jumping through hoops just to get a chance to sit down with the team that they are complaining about. I'm sure I'd complain about it, too. But, right now, I don't even have that much.

    Now- he's getting into the shower- thank goodness- I tried to get him to do that over an hour ago while I was getting dinner ready- he hasn't even eaten yet. Really, if I was raising a easy child- he wouldn't be getting dinner at this point-I would be telling him that he missed his chance.
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    Please be very careful. Even veiled threats scare me with the condition he is in. Don't hesitate to call 911 if you need to.
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    I just wish you weren't alone in this, K. I agree with ew, don't take any chances, call 911 if you need to. Love, ML
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    Thanks- he's fine now. I just wish that the system in place was spending more time helping then making me feel like I have to watch every p and q or else- either I'm in trouble or difficult child is sent to state Department of Juvenile Justice (state prison for juvies- and just as violent) or both. I don't doubt that there are times he's manipulating- but, I think it's primarily because he doesn't see a unified front.
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    Give yourself a break about missing the appointment. You have a lot going on right now.

    I'm with Everywoman, if you need to call 911 do so.

    Keeping you and your difficult child in my prayers.
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    I still don't understand why they discharged him when he is not stable yet...I am sorry for all of this stress...hopefully you found out some helpful information during your hours of phone calls....

    What ever happened to the medicaiton studies...did he qualify? I live not too far from where the studies are taking place....and someone I know who was in high school did the study over the summer...and stayed residential for about 6 weeks.....coming home on the weekends....
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    Wow, that is so scarey. I used to wake up with difficult child 1 inches from my face, just standing there staring at me, and it just freaked me out. This would, too. Please be safe.

    Hugs and prayers.
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    I'll call 911 if I feel my life or his life is in jeopardy-- or if I see he's breaking the law. He should know that by now, I've done it enough times before. We don't know yet if he qualifies for the study- they go thru a process that takes some time- we should know in Jan if he qualifies, then if he does and difficult child and I both agree to it, we would schedule an intake day so it would probably be Feb. I'm still not sure that this is in his best interest psychologically.

    And, given that they require the child/adolescent to agree to it when it's an inpatient study, I'm not so sure he will not back out. So, as they told me to do, I will proceed as if it isn't an option and not hold my breath. Although, my gut tells me that he will qualify- I'm not sure- he might be excluded due to this psychiatric hospital stay.

    Oh- I understand about waking up with difficult child standing at your face- mine used to do that- fortunately, it appears to have stopped. It is frightening- especially when you know that you have a difficult child.