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    When I tried to reg. today, it said I'd already reg. I had the password emailed to me, and when I posted my first post my old signature popped up. It was in the VERY beginning of our journey. Tyler was 3, I was still married, and I still had my baby girl. :cry: My step daughter who now lives with her father.

    Here's my old signature...

    (Me) diagnosis as preteen with Bi-polar, re diagnosis as not having bi-polar but major depression and anixety disorder. Take 40 mg of Prozac and .5 mg Xanax (lifesaver)as needed.

    (husband) diagnosis as youngster with ADHD. Evaluated as adult and diagnosis with Major Depression with possibility ADHD or Bi-Polar. I firmlly believe Bi-Polar. Not on medications, refuses to take. In state of denial when it comes to our kids.

    daughter #1 and difficult child #1 Becca, age 9. diagnosis with ODD at age 3. Re-diagnosis at age 9 with ODD and possibility of ADHD or Bi-Polar, will need farther testing. On no medications.

    My easy child, daughter Brittany, age 7. Sweet, smart, calm, loving. Her only downfall is she's somewhat insucure at times (who wouldn't be in this house)? She's my other lifesaver!

    difficult child, ds Tyler, age 3. He hasn't been evaluated yet, that comes later this week. I suspect ADHD, but we'll see. He's who brought me here.

    Don't pray for an easy life. Pray to be a strong person.

    Strange how much has happened since.
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    Welcome back.
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    Welcome back! Funny how things change, huh? We just never expect what happens to us.

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    Sorry you're here but it's nice to meet you. WFEN
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    Nice to meet you. My, your life has changed. Take care.

    Tell us about the diagnosis and appointment. when you get back.