OK, Family....here's something new..dogs?

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by DDD, May 20, 2009.

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    i shouldn't even post tongith because I am tired to the max and the blankin' bug is getting worse...........but.........what to hay.

    The latest neuropsychologist did a 34 page report on difficult child. Guess what was included in the recommendations section??

    It was recommended that we explore a "therapeutic or companion dog" for him to take to college so he won't be so socially lonely. He either has Aspergers Syndrome or Schitzotypial personality disorder. Either way he does not make friends easily and there are organizations that have trained dogs (yes DOGS) that can provide companionship or assistance. Wow.

    I exchanged almost ten emails with the lady from 4Paws today and I am really impressed. They have seizure dogs, companion dogs, assistance dogs etc. and it is "doable". There are separate organizations that have Psychiatric Assistance Dogs for those with serious mental healh issues.

    I asked her if it "was ok" to share with the Board and she said "sure". This is absolutely something that I had NO knowledge of prior to this week and I am impressed. difficult child probably will have a "friend" in college a year from now. Hope it is interesting to you all too. DDD
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    Sounds very interesting-thanks for sharing:)
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    WOW. I had NO idea there were service dogs for this kind of issue. I think that's absolutely FANTASTIC! Have you talked to difficult child about it yet?
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    gcvmom Here we go again!

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    That is cool. I know dogs can work wonders. husband and I had an unspoken agreement of no cats/dogs in the family. Neither of us want the responsibility and being tied down to the house every day. However, difficult child really needed a dog so I allowed easy child to get a bichon freise (non shedding supposedly quiet though puppy doesn't understand that part yet).

    This is easy child's dog so I can put all the responsibility on her for overnight potty duty and whatever else. She also takes care of vets services. difficult child gets to play with the dog all day. Maybe by the time diva moves out (though I think difficult child will be out of the house before she will be?) than difficult child will be old enough for more around the clock care of a puppy and we can get one more suited to him (he needs a little bit hardier rough and tumble sort of dog).

    This puppy has been a huge answer to many behavioral issues we had last year and is a companion for difficult child.
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    I probably should reread my original post...but..I still feel yucky, so just excuse if this is redundant. The 4Paws people have "companion" and "therapeutic" dogs that are trained for specific needs.

    The lady tells me that there are Psychiatric Therapeutic Dogs via other groups. The reason I'm revisiting the topic is because last night I read briefly about the Psychiatric dogs and they can be trained for PTSD, medication reminders, leading the client "home" when a psychotic issue causes confusion etc. etc.

    It seems like alot of the CD family might want to check this out. DDD
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    That IS interesting, DDD.
    Very cool...what does difficult child think about it?

    Hoping you start to feeling better.
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    DDD, Oprah just had this on her show. There is a jail that is having the inmates raise the dogs and train them for companion, support, therapeutic reasons. It was amazing to watch the inmates show so much love for the dogs. One of the dogs went to a soldier that had come back with PTSD. He brought the dog to visit the jail so the inmates could see the dog and he could thank them. It was a wonderfully moving story that brought me to tears!