OK- He is going to Residential Treatment Center (RTC)


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It is out of my hands. They were going to discharge him to home today, even though he told me that if he went home he was going to kill himself. I told them that as much as I wanted him to come home that I was not feeling comfortable about what he was saying and how he was acting. He was refusing to work with me on the home contract of rules that the hospital required.

Today they were going to discharge him to home anyway, but he was heard threatening to kill himself several times this morning. They began to feel uncomfortable about the home idea, and made the decision that they were going to transfer him to the local state hospital/Residential Treatment Center (RTC).

In between all of these calls, difficult child called me and pleaded to come home and that he would work on doing all the rules we needed to agree to. He was so upset.

The decision was out of my hands.

I am shook up because I already had planned his school bus starting up again and made some therapist and psychiatrist appointments. I was in the "he is coming home"mindframe already. But- I realize that he is not ready yet. I know he needs more therapy, and more time to work on the medications.

This is an emotional roller coaster!


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I know you must be upset by the sudden change in plans, but you also know that this is for the best. He needs more treatment and supervision than you can do at home right now. A big hug for your pain, though.


Oceans, I'm really sorry, but I agree that this is for the best. You've been struggling for so long to get help for your difficult child. I hope the Residential Treatment Center (RTC) will provide both therapeutic interventions and medication management that will truly make a difference. Sending gentle hugs your way.


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I am so glad they took it our of your hands. It makes it easier to accept that way - for both of you.

I am so sorry things did not go as planned. I hope this longer stay proves to be promising!


Mom? What's a difficult child?
I am sorry for your pain Oceans. I hope they can help him and the medications start working for him.
Try to help yourself as well.



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Oceans...can you PM me the name of the placement that he is going to? Is it the one on the grounds of the state hospital at Dix? If so, that is where Cory went and they really were nice to him. He had a birthday in there and we were allowed to bring a cake and ice cream. The food is lousy but that was Corys only complaint.

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I'm so very glad that this decision was made for you. When both kt & wm were first admitted to Residential Treatment Center (RTC), I let the others present it to the tweedles as a decision made by psychiatrist.

It took me off the hook - I could breath a sigh of relief.

I'm glad that difficult child is getting the help he needs. I'm glad that you will be safe; that difficult child will be safe.

Now take a long bath, have a good cry if need be & start concentrating on building your strength.

You're a good mom!


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I have no words of wisdom. I have no questions. I do have great
compassion for you and your family as your ride the rollercoaster
of mental health issues. You will be included in my prayers.


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Thank you for all the support! He is on the way there right now and I am waiting for a phone call.

Janet- I PM'd you. I don't think that it is where you are thinking, but perhaps you know something about that place too.


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I'm sorry you're suffering this pain, but I agree that this is the best for him. This did take it out of your hands and I'm sure the roller coaster is really hard to handle. Many hugs and prayers.


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Ahh, Oceans, I'm sorry. It sounds like this is the best thing for him right now.

It's a hard decision, but I'm glad they took it off your hands and made it themselves. I hope he gets better where he is.

Keeping positive thoughts, my friend.