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  1. Wiped Out

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    everyone doing with healthy living? Check in and let us know.

    I'm doing the best I have in awhile. husband and I are both really watching what we are eating right now, I even have him writing down ww points. Also we are making ourselves go to the club right now at least 4 times, sometimes 5 times a week.

    I even was able to wear my skinny jeans this week for the first time in a long time. I still have a ways to go yet though.

    It's amazing how much better my attitude gets when I can fit in my workouts.

    So how is everyone else doing?
  2. Nomad

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    I recall a few weeks ago, you were struggling.

    Now, I'm doing that.

    Our son graduated from college and moved the other day. In a few months, he will be getting married. So many changes. LOTS of stress. difficult child over the top...although calmer now. Roller coaster ride, etc. ....
    All these things leads to SNACKING and less time for regular/consistent exercise. The two together spell POUNDS.

    So, I've added a few pounds and now I have to fit into a skinny dress I bought for the wedding. I've got 5 or 6 weeks.

    I feel a bit under the gun! :faint:
  3. ML

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    I've been doing ww points for 3 weeks and have lost 4 pounds. It sure doesn't come off fast. Of course I'm not exercising enough. I will work harder on that.
  4. KTMom91

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    I'm not doing well. I don't feel good. I have a cough that won't go away, headaches, tired all the time...and just today the tummy troubles have started.

    I go to the doctor tomorrow.
  5. 1905

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    Sharon! Congratulations that's awesome! Keep up the good work. There's nothing like fitting into your favorite jeans to motivate you to keep going.

    ML! 4 pounds is 4 pounds! Way to go!!

    This morning I weighed myself at the gym. I never do this !!!!I lost weight, I thought I was fatter than this. I'm way under a hundred. Sometimes I feel like I'm having a heart attack when I'm working out, now I know why. I need help, but I don't want help to consist of me putting on weight, because I feel fat anyway.
  6. Wiped Out

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    Nomad-I understand completely how stress and being busy leads to less exercise time. I know you will get back on track and look great in your dress!

    ML-Congrats on the 4 pounds-that is terrific! Taking it off slowly is o.k., remember it is a journey.

    Mary-I'm sorry you are feeling so sick. I hope the dr visit shows that it is nothing serious-glad you have the appointment. today. Be sure to check back in after your appointment. Hugs.

    Alyssa-Please be sure to get help. Call a doctor today! I'm saying this because we love you here and want you to take care of yourself. (((hugs)))
  7. SearchingForRainbows

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    Sharon, I'm glad you started this thread. We needed it!!!

    I've been on the anti-inflammatory drug my rheumy gave me since the beginning of March. It is helping to the point where my fingers are much less swollen. I can actually use them in the mornings:D.

    As of last week, I've been able to do more jogging than walking. I still have a long way to go to get back to the shape I was in over a year ago, but I'm grateful for getting to this point. In fact, I've been able to jog without walking at all four times already. The route I take is very hilly and actually a bit steep in places. So for me, this is a major accomplishment even though I'm only doing 3 miles when I can instead of the five miles I used to do daily.

    I don't exercise daily - When the weather is bad, I'm not motivated enough to get outside. And, some days, I just don't have the time. My treadmill is still broken - A long story... At least it's still under warranty!!! (My cross trainer has been dead for a long time and isn't under warranty.) I like to think I would listen to my body if my treadmill were working... I'm not sure... I haven't been using my resistance bands even though I know I should - My arms are way too flabby!!!

    As far as eating, I could do better. I eat very healthy dinners because of husband. However, lots of stress in my house lately - Many difficult child problems!!! - And, unfortunately, when stressed to the max, the emotional eater comes out in me... Luckily, I haven't done too much damage yet...

    I'm glad you're doing so well:D!!! And, to everyone else, I'm glad you posted your accomplishments as well as your road blocks to a healthy life style. I just looked at the time and don't have time to respond to everyone right now. However, I'm thinking about all of you and hoping whatever your roadblocks are, today is the first day of much better days to come!!!

    It's lots of hard work, but we CAN and WILL get healthier together!!! WFEN
  8. trinityroyal

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    Sharon--wow! Fitting into the skinny jeans is a great motivator, especially with summer right around the corner. Glad that you`ve been able to fit in more workouts.

    Nomad--sorry that stress has been getting to you. Hopefully things will settle down soon and you can get back on track. And how exciting that your son is getting married.

    ML--don`t lose sight of the fact that a slow steady weight loss is the best road to success. 4 pounds down is a great accomplishment. Don`t undervalue it.

    KTMom--sorry to hear that you`re under the weather. Sounds nasty. Take care of yourself, and hope the doctor is able to fix you up quickly.

    Alyssa--I think you and I share the same struggle with the scale numbers. Try to focus on your healthy body and not the scale when you`re working out. If you feel like your heart`s gonna burst, maybe your workout needs to be a bit gentler for a while

    WFEN--So glad that you`ve been able to get back into an excercise regimen. Being able to run without stopping is great. Very glad that the medications are helping with swelling and pain. Healthy dinners are a great step, and probably helping to moderate any effects from emotional eating. It`s a journey

    I think I`ve emerged from the deep blue funk I fell into when I saw those dratted numbers on my lab requisitions from the OB-doctor the other day. Thanks to all of you for your supportive words and encouragement. It really helps to put things in perspective.

    My ability to work out is limited to very gentle stretches, and the occasional walk (well, lumber and stagger, really) around the block at work. I just get winded so easily these days, with the two little gaffers sitting on my lungs.

    So, I`ve been trying to focus on healthy eating. husband has been an absolute dreamboat, cooking things to try and tempt my appetite, keeping lots of easy snacks in the house, and doing the occasional midnight run to the 24-hour grocery store when a stubborn craving just won`t be satisfied with anything else.

    In an effort to help me regain body confidence, husband took me shopping to my favourite non-maternity store the other day. He found a beautiful little knit dress and insisted I try it on. Well, it`s very stretchy and it fit like a dream. Here it is:


    (Keep in mind that the model in the picture is about a foot taller than me. On me, it comes just to the knee)

    So now I have a pretty little dress to wear to counteract that frumpy feeling. It`s strange how much a little thing like that helps.

    Hugs to all of you, for your successes and struggles. We can do this together.

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  9. 'Chelle

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    Went to our TOPS Provincial Recognition Days this weekend, got recognized for most weight loss in my division for the province for 2008 with an award and got to tell my story so far - well my friend read my story as I got too emotional. This has given me my motivation back, as it has been slipping the last while. Started walking for exercise, and yep I can feel it in my legs LOL

    Keep it up everyone - I try to remember that nothing tastes as good as being healthy feels. Slow steady losses are the best, not the 10 pounds a week like on Biggest Loser. A lady at our convention said to me she'd never really had a weight problem. Then started gaining as she got older, just a little bit every year of 2-3 pounds - and after 10 years or so all of a sudden she realized she had 35 pounds to lose. It doesn't all come on that quickly, so we shouldn't feel discouraged that it takes a while to come off. Just cut portions down to what they should be, a few less cookies per week and a few more days of exercise, and after a while you'll realize you've lost that weight.
  10. Wiped Out

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    WFEN-I'm glad you are able to do more jogging, I know how important that is to you. Glad your treadmill is under warranty. I hear you on the stress eating-I have so been there done that and am sure I'll be there again.

    Trinity-That dress is gorgeous girl!:) Glad you are coming out of your funk and that husband is being so helpful!!

    Chelle-Congrats on your award!!!!! How cool is that!:)
  11. KTMom91

    KTMom91 Well-Known Member

    I have bronchitis. I'm coughing so hard I have no dry pants, and that makes me feel very old.

    Trinity, that dress is beautiful! Love the color!
  12. 1905

    1905 Well-Known Member

    Trinity, That's great dress!! I'm sure you're looking gorgeous in it! I went to the Dr today, and he said I'm fine. I made sure to eat lots of tortellini and cheese right before I went in, to help me get the weight up before I saw him. Plus I drank alot of coffee. I did get it up to 100.2. I got rid of my osteoporosis, without ever taking one Boniva or Vitamin D tablet!!! He said it was all the excersise, and to keep it up. I'm happy knowing all is well.
  13. trinityroyal

    trinityroyal Well-Known Member

    Alyssa, I`m so glad to hear that your osteoporosis is gone. The power of exercise is tremendous. And the tortellini with cheese sounds delicious!

    Glad to hear that your doctor is pleased with your health!
  14. ML

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    Trin gorgeous dress! I loved this thread. It helps having this forum. Slow and steady wins the race. I have 10 more pounds to go to goal. I could weigh less but have decided at my age I don't have to be "skinny" just a healthy weight, one which I can sustain without feeling contant deprivation.

    I'm 5 feet 1 and when I married husband 6 years ago weighed 104 and was just right. I went up to 128 and now down to 124 and willing to settle at 114. It may not sound like a lot, but for a petite person it makes a huge difference.
  15. trinityroyal

    trinityroyal Well-Known Member

    ML, I like your philosophy about your goal weight. Honestly, as we get older I think a few extra pounds help to prevent us from looking gaunt. I think your target is realistic and healthy.