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    BRAG. This has been a rare event in our lives, but today I am going to do it. difficult child (6) just called husband from school and husband couldn't really understand what he was trying to tell him...teacher gets on the phone and tells husband difficult child got student of the month for having the highest test scores and other things in his class. He gets a ribbon and a gc to Toys R Us and some other little perks. This is huge for us/him. husband said he didn't sound so excited just matter of fact, but it's big. He has really had success in this school setting and has achieved a lot in the few months he has been there.

    I am so proud of him.

    Thank you for letting me brag...it's been few and far between in the last 4 years...
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    Wow!! Brag away....and Congrats to difficult child!!

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    That is AWESOME! Brag away :)
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    Brag away! I love a good success story!

    Thanks for bragging!
  5. And BRAG you should! You should be proud. Way to go difficult child! :bravo:
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    WOW!!! What a BIG accomplishment for him!!! Sounds like tonight is a night for a celebration.

    I think it is neat the school had him call you. It shows that they also understand what a big deal this is.

    Thank you for sharing this with us!! Be sure you get a picture of him with his sign/award/ribborn or whatever. And save it for a scrapbook.

    These are the victories that keep us moms fighting for what our kids need. We can always look back on them to help keep us motivated when things seem hopeless or impossible.
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    Yes this site need more things to brag about! Way to go!
  8. jal,

    How wonderful for both you and difficult child. Celebrate the good times!
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    Oh yes brag away! Its wonderful to hear such good news for a change

    Enjoy Enjoy!
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    Now here we go lads...

    I had hoped to get my son off some of the medications...seroquel in particular
    He was very stable and prior to medicating we would have had a good year or more of great times.in between episodes.
    However this didnt seem to work..I had the ok to PRN seroquel and keep him on stabilizer epilim (depakote to you.)

    I wonder does it work at all? as soon as we had weaned off the last of 3 tabs each 25mg seroquel you could see different behaviours starting.

    Now we have increased sensitivity to sounds, situations etc and general
    agitation He wouldnt go into centre either today or yest and I had immediately started the medication again. It has calmed things a bit and I suppose I will see things return to normal soon but it gets so hard to see they ever will when you are in a crisis of sorts.

    Bad day today as I had tummy bug and I was home alone with him all day.

    What do you all think about the stabilizer? 500mg.would it be working at all? I know general advicewould be not to stop the anti psychotic I think psychiatrist just wanted me to see for myself what would happen so that I would be happier leaving him on it. It doesnt work as PRN

    Wea also had attended a PWS conference with son and all the people there were quite severe..this seemed to make him lower in mood also..

    Plus was as I said before that medications did not increase weight for him....at lweast I got that major turnaround sorry this should have been a new thread!!
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    You should be bragging:) Give difficult child a huge hug from this board auntie!
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    So happy for you Jal - if I had something to brag about I would!! lol.
    You and husband ARE doing such a great job with difficult child and you've every right to be proud of him and youRselves!! Pat on the back for you all. :D
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    Very cool! Congrats to difficult child!
  15. Star*

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    BRAVO!!!!!!! ENCORE!!!!!! BRAVO!!!!!!!!
    Congratulations Mom - this is one of those feel goods to remember!
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    Brag away it is good for the mother's heart to see her child having successes. We here on the board do not get the opportunity as often as most other parents so I say YELL IT FROM THE ROOFTOPS! Way to go difficult child!!!! -RM :D
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    Thank you all so much for your well wishes. Now here's to hoping t-ball practice goes well tonight!