OK...Who Is the ebay, ubay, webay expert???


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My husband and I are trying to come up with an idea that easy child/difficult child could
run with to make some money with-o a car or an employer. Geez!!
Anyway, I am trying to figure out if "one of the bays" might be
the conduit to some independence. Due to the felony conviction
and the current incarceration, it would be in my name but he would be a Principal. He has never disrespected me in any way so
I am not worried about that aspect.

Do any of you make money that way or know anyone who does? Are
there any comprehensive book guides that you are personally familiar with?? I never cease to be amazed by the wide range of
talents on the Board. Maybe someone can point the way (and the
pitfalls) out to me. DDD


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It seems like we had somebody on the board a while back that actually taught people how to buy and sell on ebay. I can't remember who it was. Maybe someone else will.

I'm a big ebay buyer but have never tried to sell anything. I know that people run businesses on ebay and some do very well.



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I sell on E-Bay and on Craigslist. Only things that are already around the house that are in good condition and are no longer wanted. For example, I finally sold M's bedroom furniture a couple of weeks ago on Craigslist. I took pictures, listed it, and it was sold and hauled out of my house by the end of the day. I also sold our pick-up truck, a cord of wood when we installed a gas fireplace, lots of stuff like that.

I do know people who sell on E-Bay as a job, but you definitely need a car, because you have to go out and buy things at a low price to market and sell at a higher price.

If you have some specific questions, you can PM me.


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Thanks for the info. Witz, I haven't even made a baby step in exploring this yet so it is premature for me to PM. It's nice
to know, however, that I can. I'll remember.

I think I need to check some books out to get a better sense of
whether to direct him in that direction or not. I do know some
people (indirectly know, that is) and they specialize in one type
of merchandise and make a more than respectable annual income.
It seems to me that you probably have to specialize and that
small, easy to ship items, would be a good choice.

It's about time I learned about something new. I'm turning into
a "know it all" old lady...lol. I'll humble myself with new
topic exploration. DDD :smile:


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Yes, Shipping is killer on E-Bay. That's why I like Craigslist. I only take cash, and they have to transport whatever it is. Plus, E-bay has fees for listing, and Craigslist is free.

In fact, your post inspired me to look at Craigslist this afternoon, and husband and I are now going to take a well deserved long weekend at a nearby resort - with the dogs! - in September.


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There's no Craigslist near where we live. Shock..shock..lol !
There is one about an hour away and I will start watching it to
see how it works. How do they make money if there are no fees??
Is it just based on the advertising they get?? DDD


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Does anyone know about the "other" "bay"??? I can't remember what I was told it was called. It evidently is quite common in
larger cities. People open an office or a storefront and then advertise that they will sell things on ebay for other people??
I assume it operates like a consignment store but wonder if it
isn't possible to take your digital camera "on the road" and
market items for other people for a percentage. :rolleyes: DDD