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difficult child 2 has a baby he is to tow around with him this weekend as part of a homework assignment.

The baby cries when it wants changed or fed. He has a bracelet on to ensure HE does not leave the baby, and when it cries, he has to attach this bracelet to the baby to make sure it's really the parent.

He had to carry this thing through Wal Mart. He is going to have to take it to dinner with us as we have plans for Applebee's tonight.

It's very funny to see. He was playing the PS2 and the baby started crying, there went his game.

Soon as he started lunch, cries.

I have a feeling I won't be a grandparent soon. This does NOT hurt my feelings in any way. All kids should do this :rofl:



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It's crying again, he can't get it to stop. OMG it's ANNOYING! Did I do this THREE TIMES?

God, he better pass, if he doesn't he has to do this all over AGAIN!


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Daughter is assigned to have her "baby" next weekend. She already wore the 30lb stomach this week. She exclaimed, "Mom, I could hardly get out of my chair!".

I'm with you, every teenager should have to carry one of them around. However, ONE weekend is not enough. Daughter is already beginning to dread next weekend. I have informed her I'm not lifting a finger.


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Cory didnt get to do this project because he never got that far in school however we had a friend of the family whose pregnant girlfriend had to do this. What was hysterically funny was that she couldnt manage the fake baby and would bring it over to our house and get Cory to "tend" to the baby.

He was maybe 17 at the time.

I think these projects are great but dont count of them discouraging I have a sleeping 9 month old to show for it. He did wait till he was 19 though...almost 20.


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All our 8th graders HAVE to do this project, and sometimes the end result is not what you think it is going to be...there was a computer inside ours and while PCs baby did not cry much, she failed the project anyway, (cannot remember why- her baby did not cry much, tho) My difficult children doll cried all day all nite, and problem was she also had something else going on during the time she had to do the darn baby project- maybe a sleep deprived EEG? (again I do not remember) and her baby cried ALL the time, - thru the nite, it woke her every 20-40 mins the entire nite. Our kids did this project a full week. difficult child was also trialing a new medication during that time that already was messing with her. easy child failed and had to do it a 2nd week, difficult child passed with an A+!!!!!!!!!!- it totally blew my mind.
Ours had a key thing that was attached and irremoveable from the kids wrist that had to be inserted into the dolls back to prove "care given" If the kids cut their off, the computer knew and they failed. They also had to use car seats if in a car. If you tipped the baby or shook it, it was recorded on the co mputer. If you failed to figure out WHY the doll cried and did not do certain things, it recorded it, and the computer knew if you "played" with the doll, too, and you had to have x amount of play time and giggles from the doll.
This is a r equirement for our 8th graders to pass middle school in my district.

Sadly, I am not sure if it has helped reduce the teen preg rate here. My easy child and difficult child had so many peers who had babies in HS already! I think I heard a rough guess of 10% of the girls here are preg before finishing HS!!!!!! WAY too many!


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PS yes the boys had to do the project, too, not just girls. EVERYONE has to do it to pass from middle school.

If something happens and the doll breaks when it is in a kids possession, it costs like $1200!! And the parentys have to sign an acceptance of responsibility for having the doll.


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We don't do this in Australia, at least not in the government schools. None of my kids ever got to do this. It would be interesting. We've seen enough of how it works through various movies and TV shows from the US. My girls were glad to not have to do this. I suspect difficult child 1 would have failed but he says he doesn't want to have kids because there's too much chance that a child of his would be Asperger's or autistic.

The pregnant belly - it would be interesting to see how this got handled. But we do have a semi-pregnant belly thing that dads can wear so they can poke a baby bottle in the right place and 'breast-feed' the baby. A TV show a couple of years ago showed one of our Aussie presenters, Mark Trevorrow, (VERY gay) demonstrating this thing. He was using a computerised baby doll like the ones your schoolkids get. The look on his face when this thing latched on was absolutely amazing. Priceless. And totally unprompted and unscripted. I suspect given half a chance and one of these outfits he would have been volunteering to 'breastfeed' all the babies of his female friends.

They'd better not give THAT one to schoolkids to try out, it would probably push the pregnancy rate up.
by the way, on that show Mark Trevorrow also got into a pregnant belly suit and was talking to mothers about what it is like to be pregnant - all the problems as well as the rest of it. it was a sort of "Straight Woman for the Queer Guy" show.


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No No No - nope, not gonna do it! Not happening in this household. Nope - I live in the city of denial, thank you very much. :nonono:

kt so wants a baby already - this would be fun for her. :nonono:

Janna, good luck to difficult child 2 tonight. :warrior:


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I'm sure every child is different. difficult child 2 is very sick and tired of this "baby" already, and I have not lifted a finger.

The "baby" sat in the high chair through dinner and didn't make a noise. However, now it's 7 PM, difficult child 2 is on the PS2, again, trying to play, and the "baby" is crying. He has made it very clear this "baby" is an annoying pest that he does not want in his presence :rofl:

It's been an eye opener for him. I don't know how this would be a turn on to any teenager.

Can't wait for overnight.


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N did this with her b/f. Be very VERY glad you don't have a broken baby. After the first day, N's wouldn't stop crying no matter what she did. She finally got so mad she threw it against the wall. More than once. Then tried drowning it in pillows so she didn't have to hear it cry anymore. B/f at one point tried to shut it off, which of course you can't do.

:surprise: :faint: :nonono:

No she didn't fail. Baby was indeed broken. (I'd thought maybe teacher had done this to get back at N for some of her mouthy-ness in class)

Didn't help with the ol' pregnancy thing. (teens don't add 2 + 2 well) Except it had N so scared to death she was going to throw her baby against the wall if it didn't stop crying. :faint:

Of course in reality N never did have that problem. lol

I'm glad difficult child's baby is working properly. Too funny how the timing always seems to be when he wants to play his game. :rofl: :rofl:
:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:!!! Too funny!!! What's wrong with our school district??? difficult child 1 NEVER got one of these :grrr:... I agree with you totally - Every kid should have a chance to experience this type of joy!!!

Please keep us updated!!! I can't wait to hear how difficult child 2 is feeling by tomorrow!!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:!!! Thanks for the :rofl:!!! WFEN