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Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by witzend, Aug 7, 2008.

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    I don't know that M will get the job in L's dad's office. Her dad is out of town for the week, and M would not be working directly for him, but for the company that supplies reception, etc, for the offices.

    M was excited and wrote L an e-mail about the job possibility. She wrote back that "She hoped he got the job but he should know that the lady who is the boss is a real b.... and that he probably wouldn't like working for her." Nice way to undermine it. She apparently also heard about another job possibility for him which is the one she got fired from and told him not to take that job either, because he would hate it. She doesn't get it that he might want to eat or pay rent. She's got to poison the well.

    I'm so mad and sad I can't stand it.
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    I dub her - arsenic. GOOD GRIEF - Maybe you should have her invest in De-motivational posters. (great web site).

    SO sorry witz.......
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    Keep in mind that's her point of view. Everyone is different. M may find he enjoys working there.

    I often get along just fine with people others can't. You just never know.

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    I am sorry she is doing what she can to undermine him. I wonder what she has told the people in the office about him?

    Sending hugs to you and encouragement to M!
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    Considering L's background, I would tell M to take what she says with a grain of salt.

    I know that some people cannot STAND my current boss. I think she's great. She has flaws just like the rest us and I know in some situations she can be very abbrasive and that can be off-putting. However, she's so supportive of her staff, and is an educational innovator. I admire that.

    Considering that L hasn't ever had to feed, or clothe, herself her opinion wouldn't exactly be coming from someone who has "been there", Know what I mean??

    I hope M gets the job!
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    I hope he gets the job too. M is flat broke and really needs the work. He had called us that night on a pay phone, and told his dad that his cell was "broken." We had gotten new phones in the spring, and still had minutes on our throw-away phones. I cleared all of the personal info off of husband's phone, which had 350 minutes on it, and had husband deliver it to him after work last night. M's interview there is today, and he brought up the e-mail that L sent, and said he was confused by the "Hope you get the job, she's a b.... and you'll hate her." I had prepared husband for that eventuality. He told M that this was about L, not about M or the lady that he would be interviewing with/working for, and that he should have a good interview and let us know how it went, that husband and I both hoped it would go well and he would get the job.

    I mean, that was my point with L. Maybe this woman is a total B, but what if that is esactly what works best for M and he ends up working happily there and moving up in the company for the next 20 years.

    She's just poisonous. She started in on me about my parents as well. I told her that I was nearly 50 years old, had come to this decision after a lot of thought and grief and advice from people who knew better and it was none of her business and I never wanted to hear from her about it again, so she had best have gotten it out of her system.
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    I hope M gets the job and doesn't let L influence him. Why do some people feel compelled to sabotage other people's aspirations? It's just sad.