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  1. Shari

    Shari IsItFridayYet?

    Two brooms is here. She just showed up. Since she is here, we are eating in the living room.

    So far she has asked easy child 2/difficult child why she's let herself get so fat, and has yelled at the dogs 3 times (neither of which jump on people, they just came close to her), and yelled at the Jack Russel who was sitting beside easy child 2/difficult child looking at her plate (not offering to eat it - just looking) from across the room.

    Woman. We have it under control. Ugh. I think I liked it better when she didn't visit!
  2. mstang67chic

    mstang67chic Going Green

    "Good evening Two Brooms, City Morgue. How may we help you?"

    No....that's not it...

    Good afternoon, CIA

    No, not it either.

    Koi...that only works on the phone doesn't it?
  3. klmno

    klmno Active Member

    Sorry to hijack a thread and ask this- but what does koi mean?
  4. mstang67chic

    mstang67chic Going Green

    I pm'd you.
  5. donna723

    donna723 Well-Known Member

    Well, PM me too please because I don't know either! I have a pretty good idea but ...
  6. mstang67chic

    mstang67chic Going Green

  7. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    Ok stang count me in on those that need a PM about what a koi is. lol

    Shari you have the patience of a saint my dear. ugh!
  8. Shari

    Shari IsItFridayYet?

    Actually, I don't have the patience of a saint. If I did, I wouldn't run to you guys screaming and pulling may hair out! lol Klmno, don't worry about a hijack...that made my day. The progression of that word just cracks me up.
  9. Suz

    Suz (the future) MRS. GERE

    I want to know what the "Two Brooms" stands for. I am guessing that it has to do with being a witch (riding a broom- or two???). Shari, PM me if it's not something that can be described without censors kicking in.

  10. Shari

    Shari IsItFridayYet?


    And this is why I love you make me laugh.

    Two Brooms is the native name Star gave to my mother in law. For the number of brooms the witch requires to haul her witchy butt around.
  11. Marguerite

    Marguerite Active Member

    I have a friend who used to collect koi ****. Not really a good idea in Australia, they get out and into the wild and play havoc with our native fish species. All of which is really - koi! Or crud.

  12. KTMom91

    KTMom91 Well-Known Member

    Toss the Jack an orange and see how Two Brooms reacts...
  13. Shari

    Shari IsItFridayYet?

    OMG, KT, if she was still here, I so would!

    Heck, I'd sacrafice a good apple for that one!
  14. DammitJanet

    DammitJanet Well-Known Member Staff Member

    I always wondered why we couldnt say the word that rhymes with tarp when it is a fish. I kinda understand the other one but we could get around that one by saying crapola.
  15. GoingNorth

    GoingNorth Crazy Cat Lady

    Some people with fancy ponds actually collect Koi. They are a form of domesticated cyprinid (or...c.a.r.p) bred for fancy colors and scale patterns. Amongst collectors, koi can sell for literally hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    They are very friendly and extremely intelligent fish (I've met some trained to jump out of the water and through hoops or to jump out of the water and ring a bell...and all of that for bit of bread or (healthier) fish food pellet.

    They do get out or get turned loose when they get too big (the cheaper ones, of course) and I know in Lake Michigan it is not at all unusual to see koi swimming with schools of their lesser cousins. They get HUGE, too, at least when not confined to ponds and tanks.

    I like 'em, and I find the evolution of "that" term to be amusing as well.
  16. ThreeShadows

    ThreeShadows Quid me anxia?

    Ok, now I'm hungry...
  17. GoingNorth

    GoingNorth Crazy Cat Lady

    Well, Koi's lesser relatives are quite good eating though hard to bone out as they have "Y" bones between the spine and the fin bones. Being as they routinely live over a hundred years, which means they suck up a lot of toxins, you want to make sure they come from relatively clean water.

    Tail fillets taste very much like a good panfish. You can bone and eat the rest of the beast, or if so motivated, make gefitle fish (Jewish style fish dumplings) out of the rest of the meat.

    I love gefilte fish made from "koi", pike, and whitefish, but, I buy it in a jar. Making gefilte (meaning stuffed) fish is VERY labor intensive.
  18. Marguerite

    Marguerite Active Member

    I had to do a report at uni on a broad spectrum of domestication and I remember researching koi and the many ways and reasons they used to be kept. I remember stories of one Oriental princess who used to put gold earrings in her goldfish's gill covers and pectoral fins... other koi didn't have it so good, they were kept in damp sacks that hung from the dripping walls of underground cellars, fattened up artificially and then harvested when big enough. A sort of piscine pate de foie gras...

    I was surprised to find the site now censors that word rhyming with tarp. But then, I do keep getting taken by surprise by what words are offensive and what words are not. We have a lot of words in common, inoffensive use in Australia which would be censored here. Conversely, there are other words which are very offensive in Australia but often used by new Australians or tourists who don't mean to offend, they just don't realise. This afternoon my doctor's receptionist (her husband, and a very nice guy, very morally conservative) used a phrase which has me cringing, he's done it before, but he would be mortified if I corrected him. He just doesn't know that here, it is generally offensive.

    It just goes to show...

  19. AnnieO

    AnnieO Shooting from the Hip

    LOL coming a bit late to this thread... When I was in high school a friend's mom asked us to find alternate words rather than obscenity itself.

    She gave up after a while, because we got REALLY creative. Decided she'd rather hear the obscenities.

    Then... When BFF's oldest was about 2... She would repeat every.single.thing I said. Called her "mockin'bird". So I came up with stuff that would keep her out of trouble. Fudge, son of a bear, garbage (aka koi)... You get the idea. Kid still says fudge. Her father thinks it's hysterical. (Then again, he says "dethaw"... LOL)

    So... Shari... She actually said something about easy child 2 getting FAT?!
  20. susiestar

    susiestar Roll With It

    Sorry Two Brooms visits. Can you start leaving voodoo dolls with pins in them, and black candles, etc... sitting around to scare her off? Maybe some sort of charm to keep witches out? Just thinking.

    Dethaw? Wow. One of my uncles uses that word. He also uses "yous" as in "Yous better not leave your car there.". It makes me want to scream!!!

    As for obscenity alternatives, I used to call one kid a terpsichorean. She got SOOOO angry. So did one teacher - sent me to the principal's office. Principal had to look it up and then just laughed at me. Girl was on the school dance team. Sent me back to class with a candy bar and a soda and a note to the teacher to look up the word, write it and the definition, then use it in a sentence five times. This was a standard punishment for cursing (1st offense). It was funny (to me) that the principal made the teacher do it.

    Needless to say I was NOT that teacher's pet.