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  1. This should probably be in Watercooler but......

    husband and I attended easy child's grade 8 graduation last night. It was a beautiful ceremony, well organized and each student had something lovely said about them as they received their diploma. easy child looked stunning in her dress and really enjoyed herself with her friends at the dance afterwards.

    A proud parent moment and a nice day for us in our home. The only little cloud was that easy child had a moment where she was upset because difficult child wasn't going to be there. It was her choice not to invite him but it still bothered her a bit. So we had a small chat about it and then moved forward and enjoyed our day. I'd say it was a success all around.

    *Off to high school in the fall!!
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    What a wonderful post WTW, thanks for sharing the positive news. Focus on all the beauty of your easy child, congratulations!
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    I'm so glad your easy child had a lovely Gr. 8 graduation.
    It is sad when our PCs start to realize that their older difficult child siblings are not reliable, but it's a great lesson in resilience that will serve her well later in life.
    I'm happy that it didn't spoil her evening, too.

    *Congratulations easy child!
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    Oh, this was such a nice story to read, Welcome! Congratulations to easy child!

    I'm really happy for you. We sometimes forget how hard our lives have been. With difficult child kids, there is so much heartache and shame. I am so pleased that you are going to experience the "good stuff" with easy child!

  5. Thanks everyone! It is wonderful to have those bright spots in our lives.