One more week...


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youngest Difficult Child will be admitted to a 28 day residential treatment on Monday, next week. She had several dirty UAs during the last two months and her court services officer has notified the court to get her in front of the judge.

In the meantime, Difficult Child has agreed to the admission...I was hoping she could have been admitted before court. Yesterday,new got a letter that she has to be in court this Thursday. I am hoping that the judge will agree with these steps, and won't have a different plan. Worst case scenario is that she could be placed in foster care. But the family preservation social workers and court services officer was recommending this treatment facility.

Unfortunately, it's the only facility in our entire state and is 200 miles away. There are classes and visitations on Sunday's and Wednesday's. We will probably try to make the Sunday's... And maybe one or two Wednesday's. husband is a school bus driver, so has several weeks off right now.

I am hoping this will help. We have about 10 months before she turns 18...



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So sorry KSM.

I think you are so wonderful to take the mother role with these girls but I wish they were as appreciative as they should be. I hope that they see the light soon and how much you have supported them and tried to help them. It's so hard to understand.


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So sorry, KSM. I'm hoping, since everyone is on the same page, that the judge will go along with it. Lucky girl to have you and hubs in her life.