Online forum for young people like this who are struggling???

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Robert44, Aug 16, 2016.

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    Does anyone know of an online forum that young people can go to share and discuss what's going on with them? I'm thinking of a forum like this but for the young people who are having problems. A place they can go to like this to post questions and just communicate with others who are going through similar experiences. Thanks.
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    Just to add to my post.... It would be a place where they would feel like they're not alone.
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    A young person could not beat THIS forum for getting the best advice! Keep in mind that parents were at one time kids themselves. So have been through the same experiences. Ask away!
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    It's not really about getting advice. They get plenty of that. It would be a peer to peer forum. A place where they can connect with others in their own age group who are going through similar experiences.
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    You might have better luck searching for a forum for a specific thing if it is an illness, injury, disability, etc. For example wheel chair, search for the words: wheel chair forum. Or disabled forum.

    Or developmentally disabled forum
    blind forum
    hearing impaired forum
    deaf forum

    Or kids forum
    teens forum.

    The specific problems forums would have people of all ages, but would be more specific to the problem.

    Hope that helps!
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