Only 4 years old!!! for crying out loud.!!!!

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    I haven't been on for a few weeks sorry! My husband and I had to start marriage counseling. I haven't had anything emotional left to get on the site. Things started to calm down until today! My four year old difficult child was put in in-house suspension for kicking a child that kicked him first. Now they call me and tell me that their going to suspend him at home if another incident happens. His very first evaluation with a psychologist is on November 13th. The school is fully aware that he has some sort of behavioral disorder and is in the process of being evaluated. His teacher thinks there's nothing wrong with him even though he's been in trouble from day one. UGH!!!! I'm frustrated that they can't figure out a way to deal with him in school so their answer is to kick a four year old out of school. Yeah, that's gonna help.!! Sorry, just needed to vent!
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    And here begins 12 years of parent vs school, when they should be on the same side, that being the side of the child. There is no easy answer. Sometimes there is not enough teacher to go around.

    I empathize with you. Extra hugs to your little guy.
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    So sorry to hear this! Is your son in public school for four year olds? Is the upcoming evaluation a private one?

    I hope that you get some help for him soon. Happy to hear that you and husband are taking time for marriage counseling.

    I often wonder how many of us that are still married are on the brink of divorce.

    Please keep in touch when you are up to it.
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    Is this preschool? (I'm hoping)

    I think I'd have given the school a piece of my mind over this one. No, kicking another child isn't right. But at four it's not really surprising that he kicked the kid back without thought.

    Good grief.

    Sorry things have been so rough for you lately. You don't need this on top of it.

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    My son is in a four year old public school program. We are having him evaluated by our doctors not the schools. His teacher thinks I'm crazy for having him evaluated. She hasn't come right out and said it but I know she thinks it's just problems at home that causes him to act this way. It's so hard when teachers don't believe you but they want to blame the parents at the drop of a dime. My son has had incident after incident happen and his teacher wondered why I went to talk to the guidence counsler. She's a good teacher but she's older and doesn't really think that these behavioral "problems" are real. The counsler is no help until he gets his "official" diagnosis. But he might be kicked out by then.
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    Hi Lorrie, welcome.
    Is there a way you can just put him in a 1/2 day program? That would give you a break for a few hrs.
    Too bad you have to wait so long for the evaluation.
    Don't sit on the edge of your chair, by the way. They may say he's too young to tell, or that they'll have to watch him for a while. It took yrs of observation for our son to get a diagnosis. Sigh.
    Still, better than the wrong diagnosis with-the wrong medications, which can make it worse (which many parents here can attest to).
    Good luck.