Only my difficult child

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  1. Wiped Out

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    difficult child is so excited today because he has discovered he has armpit hair. He has asked me to look at it several times and is so exited he is singing about it. Only my difficult child:geeky:
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    Your little boy is growing up!
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    Yay! Something he likes about himself! It's so good to hear he is singing his own praises in a happy, spontaneous way.

    by the way my gfg13 would kill for armpit hair -- he says he already has it, plus all the other requisite manly hair, but I just can't imagine it.
  5. crazymama30

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    That is too funny

    A year or 2 ago psychiatrist mentioned that difficult child might be going through puberty. difficult child never said a word in the office, but man when he got to the car he let loose. He was so ticked that psychiatrist thought he was going through puberty, he was soooo angry. it was a half hour drive back and he went off the whole time. It was all I could do not to laugh.
  6. susiestar

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    That is cute!!!

    I remember when Wiz discovered "manly" hair. He first asked me if he should expect "changes" as he got older (he had a couple of books on the subject, plus had interrogated me many times over the years - all at night when just the 2 of us were in the car driving somewhere, by the way.). I said of course. He then asked if he was going to end up having to shave his entire body or else look like a puppy dog??????

    I tried really hard not to laugh, really hard. Almost made it until he asked me how dad got rid of some of it so that he didn't looked furred like a teddy bear??? I told him that IF he ended up with body hair all over it would be about as thick as his dad's and would NOT be as thick as a bear's or dog's. Then I sais that some people only got hair in their armpits and privates and not heavy hair all over. Or they had body hair but it wasn't thick at all, like Uncle's.

    He then told me to tell them he wanted the hair, more than uncle's but less than dad's, an to say thank you when I gave them the order.

    I did ask who "they" were. He acted annoyed, and said "The Hair Club for Men, of course!"

    I was REALLY glad I was sitting on the couch so I didn't fall off the chair onto the floor!!

    Guess who had been sneaking down late at night and watching infomercials!!!!!!!
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    Not just your difficult child, Sharon. wm is still showing things I have no interest in seeing at this point in time.

    Be prepared for repeat performances, Sharon. It's a fascinating phenomenon for our boys. :slap::rofl:
  8. Wiped Out

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    Thanks all! I had to laugh because he has also asked me to talk to his armpit hair-yikes!
  9. ML

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    LOL. Manster had had hair for a while now. He's afraid that he's going to just like his dad who is very hairy. He's probably right.
  10. susiestar

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    At some point, while playing and rough-housing, they all seem to try to put their pits into someone's face. I can STILL remember the laughs when gfgbro and cousin tried this - they didn't realize they were VERY ticklish there, esp with hair!! Often just moving the hairs tickles, or so I have been told!!

    I had a roommate with 6 brothers who SWORE that one of the best ways to keep them in line was to pull their armpit hair the way they pulled her ponytail!!!
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    Gosh brings back memories!

    I remember when Cory was still the "little" boy in the house and he got so mad because Jamie went through puberty before him. He was so jealous because Jamie got hair and all the other essentials first and it just irritated him to no end. Another thing that Jamie got to do Like it was our fault!
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    My 14 year old has to shave or he looks like an Amish guy - for some reason, his fairly thick, thankfully blonde, facial hair grows under his chin and around to his sideburns. He answers to "Brother A" these days. difficult child, turning 16 tomorrow, has a teeny little "Hitler" mustache that needs to be filled in with a Sharpie and has never yet had to lift razor to cheek or chin. My 20 year old didn't shave till age 17 and he does it only once or twice a week now. He's blonder than Brother A.

    Puberty is such a thrill - I have one more go through and it's starting about now, with DS 11.