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    an available bed at the rehab place needs to open up soon!!

    There is an arrogant, angry attitude developing in difficult child-Ant right now. And it is driving me crazy.

    He's so full of himself right now because he hasn't drank or used anything since the 8th that it's okay for him to hang with his friends. He's strong enough that he can handle it. (pride goes before the fall is all I keep thinking) And when husband and Ant stopped by to see the counselor yesterday she reminded him to keep his playpen cleaned out. Meaning - have nothing to do with your old play group/places. husband was open and said he's still working on it. Hasn't quite given up on all the old playmates. The counselor gave Ant grief about it. So, in return, Ant gave husband grief about giving his 2 cents where it wasn't wanted.

    Ant has a long road ahead of him. And the sooner he gets a bed the better. A week or so ago, Ant was still scared and knew he needed help. Now, he still knows that he needs go, but his attitude is so different.
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    *Praying something opens up soon
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    Sending more prayers and hugs for you.
  4. Hound dog

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    Praying big time an opening happens before Ant forgets his motivation for getting clean and sober.

  5. Mom2oddson

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    I LOVE this Board. :flirtysmile3:

    The counselor just called Ant - there is a bed open. All he has to do is call the place and tell them what day he wants to start. Told Ant, whenever he wants to go - we will take him, even if he wants to go today - it's no problem!

    Now..... I just have to wait on a difficult child to make a phone call.

    I could wring his neck because first he has to help his friend get his puppy to the vets to have her stitches removed. Then he'll come home and call. :sigh: Once a difficult child, always a difficult child? But, he didn't say he wasn't going to call. So that is good news.

    Keep your fingers crossed! (I can see a big light at the end of the tunnel)
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    Is he doing AA or NA in the meantime? It sure sounds as though he could use a sponsor...
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    Crossing fingers he makes that call soon and decides to go VERY soon.
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    Now the place that he was going to has decided not to take him. He's not bad enough for them. The only place he can go is the one 5 miles from our house that my enabling sister in law works at. At least she can't tell anyone else that he's there or she'll be fired.

    Get me off this roller coaster - I'm turning green.
  9. HaoZi

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    Would the conflict of interest of having family work at the other be enough for the preferred one to take him anyway?
  10. Mom2oddson

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    She is just an HR person so I don't know. Right now, both the place and the insurance company say they don't work together, yet the counselor has been sending xxxx insurance people there all the time. I think it might be a test to see if Ant really want to go and to see how strong my detachment skills are. You'd think I'd of past the detachment final a 100 times by now!